Cable Cleats - The Ellis Patents Black Book Guide To Cable Cleats

By Chris Dodds on 5th January, 2016

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Cable Cleats - The Ellis Patents Black Book Guide To Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats.

T&D are distributors for Ellis Patents the UK based, world-leading manufacturer of cable cleats.

The "Black Book" written by Ellis Patents is the definitive guide to the specification and installation of cable cleats for the support and protection of LV, MV, HV and EHV cables against short-circuits. 

The Ellis Patents Black Book is the "industry bible" consulted by electrical engineers, designers, installers and contractors - Ellis Patents support the power industry by providing expert technical guidance on the safest methods of securing cables in order to restrain their movement caused by electrical fault or short-circuits.


Ellis Patents Black Book Contents

  • What are cable cleats and why are they necessary?
  • IEC61914 the international standard for cable cleats
  • The mechanical strength of cable cleats
  • Short-circuit testing
  • Calculation of cable cleat spacing and selection of cleat type
  • Matters of corrosion
  • Cable cleats and...

Operating temperatures

Eddy currents

Multi-core cables


UV resistance

  • Cable system design
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Type approvals for Ellis Patents cable cleats 


Ellis Patents Cable Hangers - Pegasus

  • Further reading :

Ellis Patents Non-Metallic Cable Hangers For Rail Cable Support - Underground & Surface  

IEC Standard 61914 : Cable Cleats & Short-Circuit Calculations For Electrical Engineers 


Ellis PatentsCable Cleats

“We have brought more unique products to market than any other manufacturer. As a centre of excellence, we design complete cable cleat installations tailored to the unique needs of customers, work extensively to address the challenges each project faces and deliver expertly engineered solutions every time. Our tried and tested technology is embedded into safe, reliable cable cleats that will serve you well for years.”

Richard Shaw, Ellis Patents’ Managing Director.


Ellis Patents Videos

Cable Guide Clamp                                                        Flexistrap Cable Straps 




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Cable Cleats - The Ellis Patents Black Book Guide To Cable Cleats

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