Vantrunk Cable Management Chosen For ExxonMobil Singapore Parallel Train Project

By Chris Dodds on 19th November, 2012

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Vantrunk Cable Management Chosen For ExxonMobil Singapore Parallel Train Project

Cable Containment & Support

Vantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder


Vantrunk was selected as the primary cable management supplier by Foster Wheeler (UK) for the ExxonMobil Singapore Parallel Train (SPT) Project. The project is located at and integrated with the existing Singapore Chemical Plant on Jurong Island, providing feedstock, operating and investment synergies with both the chemical plant and the Singapore Refinery.

ExxonMobil Singapore Parallel Train Project

When completed, ExxonMobil’s largest owned and operated petrochemical complex and the Corporation's largest integrated chemical and refining site will be located in Singapore. The Project is one of the largest petrochemical projects ever undertaken in Singapore.

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific awarded Foster Wheeler the EPC Contact for the Petrochemical Complex back in 2007 after Foster Wheeler had performed the FEED Phase of the project prior the EPC award.
Foster Wheeler is performing the Engineering, Procurement & Construction for the Aromatics Extraction Unit, an Oxo Alcohol Plant Expansion and Associated Plant Infrastructure. Foster Wheeler executed the project from its UK, Reading Office with support from Foster Wheeler India, Chennai Office.

Pictured: Vantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder System

Vantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder System

For this Project Vantrunk Supplied it’s internationally acclaimed Speedway Cable Ladder, Vantrunk’s Cable Tray System and Steel Framing Systems all in Corten A. Hot Dip Galv and Stainless Steel.

Vantrunk Speedway Straight Cable Ladder is available in standard widths of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm & 1050mm and are available in lengths of 3m and 6m.


Vantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder System Specifications
Part Number No. of Rungs Dimensions Weight
W W1 L H
Vantrunk SW4/SL3/150/* 10 150mm 190mm 3000mm 104mm 11.93kg
Vantrunk SW4/SL3/300/* 10 300mm 340mm 3000mm 104mm 13.55kg
Vantrunk SW4/SL3/450/* 10 450mm 490mm 3000mm 104mm 15.17kg
Vantrunk SW4/SL3/600/* 10 600mm 640mm 3000mm 104mm 16.79kg
Vantrunk SW4/SL3/750/* 10 750mm 790mm 3000mm 104mm 21.12kg
Vantrunk SW4/SL3/900/* 10 900mm 940mm 3000mm 104mm 23.28kg
Vantrunk SW4/SL3/1050/* 10 1050mm 1090mm 3000mm 104mm 25.44kg
Vantrunk SW5/SL3/150/* 10 150mm 200mm 3000mm 125mm 18.53kg
Vantrunk SW5/SL3/300/* 10 300mm 350mm 3000mm 125mm 20.15kg
Vantrunk SW5/SL3/450/* 10 450mm 500mm 3000mm 125mm 21.77kg
Vantrunk SW5/SL3/600/* 10 600mm 650mm 3000mm 125mm 23.40kg
Vantrunk SW5/SL3/750/* 10 750mm 800mm 3000mm 125mm 27.72kg
Vantrunk SW5/SL3/900/* 10 900mm 950mm 3000mm 125mm 29.88kg
Vantrunk SW5/SL3/1050/* 10 1050mm 1100mm 3000mm 125mm 32.05kg
Vantrunk SW6/SL3/150/* 10 150mm 200mm 3000mm 150mm 21.63kg
Vantrunk SW6/SL3/300/* 10 300mm 350mm 3000mm 150mm 23.79kg
Vantrunk SW6/SL3/450/* 10 450mm 500mm 3000mm 150mm 25.95kg
Vantrunk SW6/SL3/600/* 10 600mm 650mm 3000mm 150mm 28.11kg
Vantrunk SW6/SL3/750/* 10 750mm 800mm 3000mm 150mm 30.28kg
Vantrunk SW6/SL3/900/* 10 900mm 950mm 3000mm 150mm 32.44kg
Vantrunk SW6/SL3/1050/* 10 1050mm 1100mm 3000mm 150mm 34.60kg

* Select a Finish & Material

Pictured: Vantrunk Return Flange Straight Cable Tray

Vantrunk Medium Duty Return Flange Straight Tray.

Vantrunk cable tray system is a full range of perforated cable tray products manufactured to the highest standards, offering time saving and adaptable designs, practical slot patterns and versatile accessories. The Vantrunk Cable Tray System is manufactured in two profiles as standard based around two different side wall heights, each of which gives the cable tray its specific load carrying capabilities. 

  1. Medium Duty Return Flange Cable tray system which has a side wall height of 25mm
  2. Heavy Duty Return Flange Cable tray system which has a side wall height of 50mm as standard.
Vantrunk Medium & Heavy Duty Return Flange Straight Cable Tray Specifications
Part Number Tray Width W1 H T Weight
Vantrunk MR/SL3/50/* 50mm 51.8mm 25mm 0.9mm 2.48kg
Vantrunk MR/SL3/75/* 75mm 76.8mm 25mm 0.9mm 3.00kg
Vantrunk MR/SL3/100/* 100mm 101.8mm 25mm 0.9mm 3.52kg
Vantrunk MR/SL3/150/* 150mm 151.8mm 25mm 0.9mm 4.56kg
Vantrunk MR/SL3/200/* 200mm 201.8mm 25mm 0.9mm 5.60kg
Vantrunk MR/SL3/225/* 225mm 226.8mm 25mm 0.9mm 6.12kg
Vantrunk MR/SL3/300/* 300mm 302.4mm 25mm 1.2mm 10.24kg
Vantrunk HR/SL3/50/* 50mm 51.8mm 50mm 0.9mm 3.61kg
Vantrunk HR/SL3/75/* 75mm 76.8mm 50mm 0.9mm 4.13kg
Vantrunk HR/SL3/100/* 100mm 101.8mm 50mm 0.9mm 4.65kg
Vantrunk HR/SL3/150/* 150mm 151.8mm 50mm 0.9mm 5.69kg
Vantrunk HR/SL3/200/* 200mm 202.4mm 50mm 1.2mm 8.97kg
Vantrunk HR/SL3/225/* 225mm 227.4mm 50mm 1.2mm 9.67kg
Vantrunk HR/SL3/300/* 300mm 302.4mm 50mm 1.2mm 11.74kg

* Select a Finish & Material

Pictured: Vantrunk Steel Intelok Deep Channel Plain

 Vantrunk Steel Intelok Deep Channel Plain

Vantrunk Steel Framing Intelok Channel is tailor made for applications in areas of considerable vibrations such as offshore platforms and power plants. The steel framing system offers two basic forms of Channel, 41 x 41 Deep Channel and 41 x 21 Shallow Channel that are manufactured in 2.5mm material as standard. Vantrunk structural Heavy Duty 2.5mm material is fully compliant as per BS 6946.


Vantrunk Intelok Steel Framing Support Channel Sectional Properties
Product Type CSA Weight Yield
Vantrunk Intelok Deep Channel Plain 336.25mm² 2.68kg/m 280N/mm²
Vantrunk Intelok Deep Channel Slotted 248.7mm² 2.59kg/m 280N/mm²
Vantrunk Intelok Shallow Channel Plain 23.4mm² 1.84kg/m 280N/mm²
Vantrunk Intelok Deep Channel Slotted 201.5mm² 1.72kg/m 280N/mm²
Vantrunk Intelok Deep Back To Back Channel 672.5mm² 5.35kg/m 280N/mm²
Vantrunk Intelok Shallow Back To Back Channel 468mm² 3.57kg/m 280N/mm²




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Vantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder System

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