Cable Ladder - Vantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder

Cable Ladder - Vantrunk Speedway Cable LadderVantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder system represents a major advance in cable ladder design, providing faster and easier cable containment installation, greater cable fill capacity, total flexibility, unique cable ladder coupling system and full range of supplementary cable ladder system accessories. Vantrunk Speedway cable ladder system is based on straight ladder lengths with extensive range of fittings to satisfy all cable routing configurations for low and high voltage power, control and instrumentation cables. T&D UK provide nationwide depot distribution for Vantrunk Speedway Cable Ladder Systems from extensive stocks.

Vantrunk Speedway cable ladder system comprises of a family of cable ladders manufactured in three section heights to suit all cable loading and containment requirements : Speedway SW4 Ladder (103.5mm high) for medium duty cable applications, SW5 Ladder (125mm high) for heavy duty cable applications and SW6 Ladder (150mm high) for extra-heavy duty applications including low and high voltage power cable containment for 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV networks. 

Speedway cable ladder system conforms to BS EN 61537 : 2006 Cable Tray Systems and Cable Ladder Systems for Cable Management.

Speedway Cable Ladder - Unique Design
Speedway cable ladder is based on a unique profiled side section which increases the effective cable loading width. Speedway cable ladder is fully slotted, reducing weight of cable containment and saving man-hours during installation - Vantrunk Speedway ladders can be cut to length and coupled without drilling. Speedway cable ladder flanges are pre-punched with slots to prevent damage to cables during cable pulling.

Speedway Cable Ladder - Finishes & Materials
Speedway cable ladder is available to suit all commercial and industrial cable containment applications :

GA - Hot Dip Galvanised Finish, Mild Steel Ladder
EA - Epoxy Coated Finish, Mild Steel Ladder
FA - Hot Dip Galvanised & Epoxy Coated, Mild Steel Ladder
GX - Deep Galvanised Finish, Silicon Rich Steel Ladder
SS - Stainless Steel (316 Marine Grade) 1.4404 to BS EN 10088-2 Ladder
TT - Stainless Steel (304 Grade) 1.4301 to BS EN 10088-2 Ladder

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