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Thorne & Derrick UK stock and distribute the complete range of cable containment including cable basket, cable ladder and cable trays - this includes cable containment and support for low and high voltage power, control, instrumentation, data, signalling and telecomms cables.

T&D Key Cable Containment Ranges :

Anderton Concrete Cable Troughing
Cablofil Cable Basket (Wire Mesh)
MITA GRP Cable Tray
Unitrunk Cable Tray (Light, Medium, Heavy Duty)
Vantrunk Cable Ladder (Speedway Ladder)
Gripple Cable Containment Hangers

Rail Cable Containment Manufacturers

All cable containment ranges including cable basket, cable ladder and cable tray are available in a range of materials including pre-galvanised steel, post-galvanised steel, stainless steel (304 and 316) and epoxy coated.

Concrete Cable Troughs For Rail Cable Protection & ContainmentConcrete Trough

Concrete cable trough is manufactured for rail cable applications - this includes containing and protecting trackside power and communication cables. Rail cables are completely protected from accidental damage or acts of vandalism whilst allowing for ease of access to rail maintenance teams. 

Standard straight concrete cable troughs and lids include a range of rail industry specials such as tees, curves, transitions and transformer bases.

Thorne & Derrick UK provide a nationwide distribution service and site survey service for all cable containment and management ranges. T&D UK are geared to service the cable basket, ladder, trough and tray requirements of the rail industry.

Pictured : Concrete Cable Trough being installed to provide rail cable protection at a trackside location on Network Rail  

Concrete Cable Trough

Video : Railway Cable Thefts Reach 'Epidemic' Proportions - Courtesy Channel 4 News

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