Ritherdon RB800 Electrical Enclosure Cabinets for Vaisala Weather Stations

By Chris Dodds on 11th July, 2012

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Ritherdon RB800 Electrical Enclosure Cabinets for Vaisala Weather Stations

Power Distribution & Feeder Pillars 

Ritherdon RB800 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cabinets 

Ritherdon RB Range Of External Electrical Enclosures 


Ritherdon RB800 electrical cabinets have been selected by Vaisala Ltd for use on Vaisala Weather Stations on the Scottish Trunk Roads Network that is undergoing upgrade to have dual cameras with Infra-Red lighting installed.

Pictured: Vaisala Road Weather Station

Vaisala Road Weather Station

Ritherdon RB800 cabinets were selected as the internal electrical enclosure space permits the housing of incoming services and signal cables from instruments. Ritherdon cabinets were also chosen for the solar and wind-powered sites as the electrical cabinets could house the battery bank, wind generator and solar regulator plus associated extras for the dual cameras and IR lighting.

Pictured: Ritherdon RB800 External Electrical Enclosure

Ritherdon RB800 External Electrical Enclosure

Ritherdon RB800 Stainless Steel Enclosure Benefits

  • Powder-coated for a tougher & more attractive finish
  • 180º door opening
  • Detachable plinth
  • Can be secured to any hard, flat surface
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Grade 304 stainless steel as standard for optimum quality and durability
  • Optional internal accessory kits
  • Customisable to cater for your needs
  • Protects electronic equipment in external environments
Ritherdon RB800 Electrical Enclosure Dimensions
Enclosure Width Depth Max.Height Backboard No. of doors
Ritherdon RB800 800mm 380mm 1125mm* 930mm x 745mm Single

* 2° slope to back of cabinet; excluding plinth height of 300 mm


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