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Ritherdon Stainless Steel External Enclosures

Ritherdon External Enclosures 

RB Range

Seven Sizes Available


The Ritherdon RB range of external enclosures has been developed principally for the street lighting and Ritherdon RB1550 Electrical Enclosure highways industries. Today however, the Ritherdon RB range is suitable as enclosures or protecting electrical and/or electronic equipment in the most inhospitable external environments. This is due to their highly flexible, modular design. 

The design of the Ritherdon RB External Enclosure range incorporates a new hinge system which allows the doors of the external enclosures to have >180 degree opening, extra strength and easier removal. This new hinge system incorporates all of these features without having unsightly large cutouts in the door or body of the cabinet. 

The range of Ritherdon RB External Enclosures can be supplied with a detachable plinth which is installed in the ground prior to fastening the cabinet down. The alternative to this plinth is the direct installment of the external enclosure onto any, hard flat surface. 

Pictured: Ritherdon RB460 Electrical Enclosure

Ritherdon RB 460 Electrical Enclosure

Ritherdon RB External Enclosure Benefits:

  • Stainless Steel external enclosures
  • Modular design
  • Cabinet doors with >180 degree opening.
  • Options for backboards, shelves, racking, lighting, environmental control etc

Pictured: Ritherdon RB460 External Enclosure And R200 Pillar

Ritherdon RB460 External Enclosure And R200 Pillar








Adobe Ritherdon RB1000 External Enclosure - W 1000mm, D 380mm, H 1125mm

Adobe Ritherdon RB1250 External Enclosure - W 1250mm, D 430mm, H 1125mm

Adobe Ritherdon RB1550 External Enclosure - W 1550mm, D 380mm, H 1125mm

Adobe Ritherdon RB300 (Wall Mounted) External Enclosure - W 300mm, D 150mm, H 342mm

Adobe Ritherdon RB460 External Enclosure - W 460mm, D 260mm, H 1125mm

Adobe Ritherdon RB600 External Enclosure - W 600mm, D 330mm, H 1125mm

Adobe Ritherdon RB800 External Enclosure - W 800mm, D 380mm, H 1125mm

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