No Bolts Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Nylon, Stackable, No Bolts Cable Clamps

By Chris Dodds on 24th May, 2016

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No Bolts Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Nylon, Stackable, No Bolts Cable Clamps

Ellis Patents based in the UK manufacture Cable Cleats, Clamps & Hangers to international standards (IEC 61914) for the support and restraint of LV, MV and HV cables in the event of a short circuit fault situation.

Ellis Patents are committed to driving technology forward, problem solving and improving downtime of their cable cleat and cable clamp products in the rail industry.

With this in mind Ellis Patents have recently launched the Ellis No Bolts Cable Cleat that is able to increase the speed and the ease that cable cleats can be installed and that additional cable runs can be added

Ellis Patents responded to Network Rail's health and safety concerns regarding needing to disassemble the cable cleats and remove bolts in order to replace them with longer ones when adding new cable runs on top of existing ones. 

Andrew Booth, Ellis’ technical director, said “the issue was that live cables were having to be removed from cable cleats, work carried on around them, and then somehow placed back between tightly spaced upright bolts at regular intervals along the entire run.” 

The polymeric cable cleat design of the Ellis No Bolts Cable Cleat has addreessed this as the new cable cleat can now be stacked and fixed without requiring bolts therefore the addition of new cable runs couldn't be simpler.

There is now no need to touch the existing ones and the rapid fit nature of the product is even more enhanced by the replacement of fixing bolts with a push fit locking mechanism that securely fastens the keepers and top clamps in place.

No Bolts Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Nylon, Stackable, No Bolts Cable Clamps 

No Bolts Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Nylon, Stackable, No Bolts Cable Clamps

The Ellis No Bolts Cleat is manufactured from a high strength nylon and meets London Underground 1-085 approved material. The innovative cable cleat design is suitable for cables from 18-15mm.

Ellis No Bolts Cleat Part Number Cable Ø Range mm
Ellis Patents NBC18-22 18 -22
Ellis Patents NBC20-26 20 - 26
Ellis Patents NBC24-30 24 - 30
Ellis Patents NBC28-34 28 - 34
Ellis Patents NBC32-39 32 - 39
Ellis Patents NBC37-47 37 - 47
Ellis Patents NBC45-55* 45-  55

* This size is not supplied with insert mouldings


Rail Cable Cleats - Network Rail PADs Approved Cable Support ClampsNetwork Rail Approved Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents have been allocated Network Rail PADS Catalogue Numbers for the two largest sizes of the Ellis No Bolts cleat :

  • NR Catalogue No. 0111/120134 NBC45-55TF (for ∅45-55mm cables)
  • NR Catalogue No. 0111/120133 NBC37-47TF (for ∅37-47mm cables)

Network Rail will issue further PADS Catalogue Numbers as and when they have a requirement for the smaller size cable cleats.

The new cleating solution helps to reduce installation cost and time throughout the electrical industry. This isn't the first time that Ellis Patents have developed a solution as a result of specific customer requirements or in relation to market demands:

The Cable Guide Clamp was developed initially thanks to a Siemen's project, Centaur was manufactured to close the void in the industry for standard cable saddles for high voltage cables and the Colossus was designed as one of the first heavy duty trefoil cable cleat solutions. 

Andrew Booth added, “The Ellis No Bolts cleat delivers on both fronts. It gives Network Rail a solution to a current health and safety issue and provides the electrical industry with a brand new cable cleating solution that will dramatically reduce installation cost and time.” 

No Bolts Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents

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Ellis Patents No Bolts Cable Cleat

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