Marechal Ex Multipin Connectors For Hazardous Area Power, Signal & Data Transmission

By Chris Dodds on 23rd November, 2015

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Marechal Ex Multipin Connectors For Hazardous Area Power, Signal & Data Transmission

Marechal Ex Multipin Connectors – Rugged & Easy To Use For Hazardous Areas (ATEX).

Onshore & Offshore Power, Signal & Data Transmission.

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The following Guest Blog was provided by Stephen Thackray, UK Country Manager (Marechal Electric) in January 2014.

Stephen has since retired but T&D continue to support the specification and sale of Marechal Electric products in the UK.

Marechal Electric are leading manufacturers of both industrial and hazardous area Ex plugs and sockets.

Within its range of ATEX power connectors and decontactor sockets, Marechal Electric offers Ex rated multipin connectors for use both onshore and offshore forATEX Plugs, Sockets & Connectors For Hazardous Areas power, signals and low-level data transmission applications.

In common with all Marechal connectors, these multipins use contacts that are of the technically advanced silver-nickel butt contact type which maximise both current carrying capacity whilst resisting oxidisation.

The latest addition to this range is the versatile Marechal PNCX – a 440V max. 5 pin Zone2  compact connector. 

Current carrying range is from 4-20mA to 10A whilst its mechanical terminals accept conductors from 0,75mm² to 2,5mm².

Supplied as a 5 pin connector it’s rated when connected to IP66/IP67 and IP68 (depth tested at 10 metres for 15 days).

Specified for use in Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (dust) the Marechal PNCX can be used for various applications including lighting. A locking ring prevents unwanted separation.

For use in Zones 1 & 2 (gas) and 2 & 22 (dust), engineers can choose between high specification 12, 25 and 37 corrosion-free metal bodied, multipin, ‘e’ rated connectors. 

Protection rating: II2 G D Ex e ia OR ib II C.  

All three versions – Marechal PXN12C (220V), DXN25C (440V) and DXN37C (220V) are supplied with the requisite number of contacts, packed in bags of 13.

Making off these multipins is now much easier in that the contacts can be crimped (or soldered if preferred) on the bench before being inserted into the plug and socket casing with the specially supplied tool. The same tool can remove the contact.

Pictured : Marechal DXN37C Multi-Contact Connectors

Hazardous Area ATEX Explosion Proof Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DXN37C Multi-Contact Connectors - Hazardous Area ATEX Explosion Proof Plugs & Sockets

Permitted ambient temperature ranges from -40C to +55C  and ingress protection is IP66/IP67 for the 25 & 37 pin whilst IP65/IP66 for the PXN12C. 

All three are rated to 10A and offer either screw locking or padlocking for additional user safety and control.

In line with all Marechal connectors these multipins can also be configured to surface or panel mounted male inlets or indeed, in-line connections. 

Furthermore any of Marechal’s Ex power connectors up to 200A can be combined with Ex control connectors on pre-wired enclosures to suit your needs via its design service.

Since its founding in 1952, Marechal Electric has become a leading manufacturer of electric connection systems for hazardous area and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Plugs Sockets - Hazardous Area


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