SPS Heat Shrink Cable Joints For Low Voltage Network Rail PADS Cables

By Chris Dodds on 1st October, 2012

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SPS Heat Shrink Cable Joints For Low Voltage Network Rail PADS Cables

SPS Heat Shrink Cable Joints

Power Cable Joints - Network Rail PADS


T&D have supplied another Volker Fitzpatrick cable project with SPS Network Rail Heat Shrink Cable Joints suitable for jointing low voltage 48 core 2.5sqmm cables.

T&D stock and distribute the most extensive range of LV-HV cable joints with Network Rail PADS approvals.

VolkerFitzpatrick Rail

Signal Cable Joints

  • Signalling cable type A1, A2, A3 : LS0H cables for free wiring in relay rooms, signal boxes, REBs and location cases
  • Signalling cable type B1, B2 : PCP-sheathed cables used between equipment boxes, signal boxes, relay rooms and location cases
  • Heavy-duty signalling cable type C1, C2, C3 : HDPCP-sheathed cables for tails; type C3 for TPWS applications
  • Signalling cable type D1, D2 : LS0H cables for Type B1 and B2 applications in tunnels and underground locations
  • Signalling cable type E1, E2, E3 : LS0H cables for Type C1, C2 and C3 applications in tunnels and underground locations; Type E3 for TPWS applications
  • Axle counter cable: Solid interconnecting cable in axle counter systems; produced to NR/L2/SIG/30060

Power Cable Joints

  • Track feeder cable : CSP-sheathed cable to provide 650VDC/750VDC supply from a substation to the track (NR/PS/ELP/21101)
  • Aluminium power cable : PVC cable for trackside power supplies (BR880, BS5467 and BS6346)
  • Steel wire armoured cable (SWA) PVC : armoured PVC and LS0H power and auxiliary control cables for power networks, cable ducting and underground, external and internal locations; approved to BS5467 (PVC) and BS6724 (LS0H)
  • HV power cable : 6.35kV/11kV, 12.7kV/22kV, 19kV/33kV and 25kV/44kV cables for distribution of three-phase AC electrical power supplies to traction substations on DC-electrified lines

Link-UpT&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TfL London Underground (LU).


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