Video Training - Jointing Rail Cables Using Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Joints

By Chris Dodds on 19th January, 2016

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Video Training - Jointing Rail Cables Using Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Joints

T&D International are the UK distributor for SPS Rail Cable Joints which were originally developed for London Underground Ltd (LUL) and are now specified throughout the global rail industry.

This range includes zero halogen heat shrink cable joints ranging from 1.5 - 2.5sqmm up to 800 - 1000sqmm.

The cable joint incorporates a flexible outer fire barrier that ensures a fire resistant service, especially for tunnel cable joint applications. Developed for London Underground Ltd (LUL) for above surface and tunnel cable jointing, SPS cable joints incorporate flame retardant, non halogen heat shrink tubing with reduced acid gas emission and smoke.

Section 12 - London Underground Fire SafetyRail Cable Joints

Following the Kings Cross fire on the London Underground in 1987, the Fire Precautions (Sub-Surface Railway Stations) Regulations 1989, also known as Section 12 regulations were introduced. Many people were affected by the smoke and toxic fumes during the fire and Section 12 regulations stipulate that electrical equipment must adhere to strict safety standards.

Electrical cable in Section 12 locations must meet the requirements of LUL standard 1-085 which details the fire safety performance of materials. Section 3.3.3 of the Standard lists the flammability, flame spread and smoke emission requirements for cable.

T&D are Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TfL London Underground (LU).


Video: Zero Halogen Heatshrink Joints via Shrink Polymer Systems 

Also available Fire Proof Resistant Cable Joints - Power, Control and Instrumentation Cables up to 1000 Degrees Celsius for 20 Minutes.
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