Glow In The Dark Cable Hangers & Cable Hooks

By Chris Dodds on 15th December, 2014

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Glow In The Dark Cable Hangers & Cable Hooks

Glow in the Dark Cablesafe Cable Hooks

Recently safety hooks have been developed in a phosphoric version that will glow in the dark - in the event of an electrical power shut down or outage the cable hooks work as an orientation for an escape route in mining corridors, offshore oil rig evacuation routes or plant void spaces.

Cablesafe Cable Hooks

A specific application field for Cablesafe cable hooks is during training exercises onboard navy vessels - cable hooks are used for safe housekeeping of hundreds of metres of cables and hoses which are temporarily needed during the length of the exercise - cable hooks suspend cables from railings and bulkheads ensuring entrances, stairs, hangars and corridors are kept accessible.

Cablesafe "S" shaped hooks manufactured from GRP are designed to suspend all types of low, high voltage power, signal, telecoms and utility cables - cable hooks are fire retardant and non-conductive. 

Cablesafe Cable Hooks are 'S' shaped cable hooks made from GRP (glass reinforced polyester) - Cablesafe Cable Hooks support, suspend and retain cables in the offshore, marine, petrochemical, mining, rail, chemical and electrical power industries.

Cablesafe cable hooks are ideal for the suspension of utility cables during construction or industrial maintenance and are approved by Dow, Exxon, Shell, ICI and Arco.

Pictured : Cablesafe Cable Hooks 

Cable Safe Cable Hooks

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Glow In The Dark Cable Hangers & Cable Hooks

Cablesafe Cable Hooks for Safe Cable Support, Suspension & Hanging

Cablesafe Cable Hooks - Safety Meets Simplicity With Thorne & Derrick



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Cablesafe Cable Hangers & Hooks

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