Cablesafe Cable Hooks ('S' Shaped)

Cable Hooks for Safe Cable Suport, Suspension & Hanging

Cablesafe Cable Hooks are 'S' shaped plastic cable hooks made from GRP (glass reinforced polyester) - Cablesafe Cable Hooks Cablesafe Cable Hooks support, suspend and retain low and high voltage cables in the offshore, marine, petrochemical, mining, rail, chemical and electrical power industries.

Pictured: Cablesafe Cable Safety Hook Design

Cablesafe cable hooks are ideal for the suspension of utility cables during construction or industrial maintenance and are approved by Dow, Exxon, Shell, ICI and Arco.

Hazardous Area Certification - Cable Hooks 

Cable Hooks for Safe Cable Handling
Cablesafe cable hooks provide clean and well organised work floor/decks improving operational electrical safety and cable management. Cable hooks support and suspend all types of electrical cables (LV-HV power, control, instrumentation), welding cables, extension cords and hoses.

Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications

Video: Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications

Cablesafe cable hooks have been subject to rigorous testing by DNV and Devonport Royal Dockyard (UK) for strength and durability - the cable hook was tested for operational ability at temperatures of 200 Degrees Celsius for over 20 minutes and was apporved for cable support during submarine construction and maintenance.

According to the National Dutch Bureau of Statistics, 21% of industrial accidents are caused as a result of falls due to tripping. Effective use of Cablesafe safety cable hooks completely removes the occurence of hazardous working conditions caused by cables lying on floors and also reduced the incident of cable damage.

Pictured: Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications

Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications

Phosphoric Glow In The Dark Cablesafe Cable Hooks
Recently safety cable hooks have been developed in a phosphoric version that will glow in the dark - in the event of an electrical power shut down or outage the cable hooks work as an orientation for an escape route in mining corridors or plant void spaces.

A specific application field for Cablesafe cable hooks is during training exercises onboard navy vessels - cable hooks are used for safe housekeeping of hundreds of metres of cables and hoses which are temporarily needed during the length of the exercise - cable hooks suspend cables from railings and bulkheads ensuring entrances, stairs, hangars and corridors and kept accessible.

Pictured: Cablesafe Glow In The Dark Hooks

Cablesafe Glow In The Dark Cable Hooks

Cablesafe safey hooks are available in 3 sizes (6in, 9in, 12in) and can carry loads of up to 190kg - cable hooks are fire retardant, non-conductive and have very high UV resistance ensuring long service lifetime.

A hole in each end of the hook enables the user to secure and fix the cable hook itself by menas of a cable tie wrap - cable hooks are suitable for bundled cables.

6" Cablesafe Cable Hook

(Weight Limit: 40 kg (88 lbs)

9" Cablesafe Cable Hook

(Weight Limit: 55 kg (121 lbs)

12" Cablesafe Cable Hook

(Weight Limit: 190 kg (418 lbs)

15" Cablesafe Cable Hook

( Weight Limit: 300 kg (661 lbs)

Customised and coloured Cablesafe cable hooks are also available.

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