Cablesafe Cable Hooks - Safety Meets Simplicity With Thorne & Derrick

By Chris Dodds on 15th December, 2014

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Cablesafe Cable Hooks - Safety Meets Simplicity With Thorne & Derrick

Cablesafe hooks are 'S' shaped, glass re-inforced polyester (GRP), plastic cable hooks designed to hold cables, hoses, work gear and wires off the floor. By removing these items and clearing floorspace, you are also removing any potential trip hazard.

Research by the Health And Safety Executive (HSE) found that 25% of workplace liability accidents are caused by slips, trips or falls. 95% of major slips, trips or falls cause broken bones.  

Pictured: Cablesafe Cable Hook

Cablesafe Cable Hook

The Cablesafe hooks are easy to use and provide an instant, effective solution for the management of electric cables.

Typical applications of the hooks would be when replacing existing cables or to improve general industrial housekeeping. 

Industries suitable for using Cablesafe cable hooks include: oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical plants, shipbuilding, power stations, renewable energy and mining.

Heat resistant to temperatures ranging from -20ºC to +200ºC, the Cablesafe hooks have a high UV resistance, are non-conductive of electricity and can be supplied as glow in the dark. 

Easy to use and effective, the range of Cablesafe hooks come in 4 different sizes each with a different wieght limit. These sizes are: 

6" Cablesafe Cable Hook

(Weight Limit: 40 kg (88 lbs)

9" Cablesafe Cable Hook

(Weight Limit: 55 kg (121 lbs)

12" Cablesafe Cable Hook

(Weight Limit: 190 kg (418 lbs)

15" Cablesafe Cable Hook

( Weight Limit: 300 kg (661 lbs)

Pictured: Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications

Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications

Cablesafe Cable Hooks - Advantages

  • Simple to install - safe and efficient suspension and containment for cables 
  • GRP cable hooks do not conduct electricity or heat
  • Ideal for lifting cables from floorspace and removing health and safety risks
  • Cable hooks improve safey, reduce accidents both onshore and offshore
  • Reduce workplace slips, trips and falls
  • "Glow-in-the-Dark" cable hooks available

Thorne & Derrick And Cablesafe

As major distributors and providers of over 100,000 products, T&D are key suppliers to the oil and gas industry. With a vast range of hazardous area, electrical safety and cable products, the Cablesafe safety hook compliments the exisiting products available from T&D perfectly.  

Hazardous Area Certification

Pictured: Thorne & Derrick Meet The Cablesafe Team - Tues 7th October at Gateshead UK

Thorne & Derrick Meet The Cablesafe Team

Video: Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications 

Cablesafe Cable Hook Applications



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