Abtech High Voltage Stainless Steel Junction Boxes For Hazardous Area Oil & Gas Projects

By Chris Dodds on 29th July, 2014

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Abtech High Voltage Stainless Steel Junction Boxes For Hazardous Area Oil & Gas Projects

T&D working with Abtech have secured new orders from KCA Deutag Tender Barges Pte Ltd for high voltage, hazardous area junction boxes with Ex e certification.

Abtech VPJB custom-built junction box enclosures have been specified by T&D to provide 3.3kV high voltage power distribution on the KCA offshore jack-up rig in a Zone 2 (Class 1 Div 2) hazardous area. Abtech VPJB customised bespoke enclosures are designed around the Abtech SX range of stainless steel, high voltage, hazardous area junction box enclosuresAbtech

Pictured opposite : Abtech SX Stainless Steel Enclosures.

Pictured today ready for delivery : Abtech High Voltage Hazardous Area Certified Junction Box (T4 Temperature Rating, IP66, 1300A, Rated Up To 11kV, ATEX Ex e Certified, 346W Power Dissipation). The stainless steel enclosure side is pre-drilled with 11 side entries (5 x 63.5mm and 6 x 40.5mm) and glanded using ATEX Certified nickel plated brass cable glands (M40 and M63) to terminate the incoming wire braid armoured marine cables.

Abtech - Stainless Steel Enclosures (High Voltage Hazardous Areas)


The Lead Electrical Engineer was very concerned about the ability of the existing type cable glands to effectively seal the incoming 3.3kV braided power cables in harsh, hazardous area environments as can be seen from the site photograph below. The Abtech VPJB enclosures will be installed as part of major power upgrade to the offshore rig and replace the existing enclosures which were condemned during a recent hazardous area inspection.

Hazardous Area Junction Boxes Zone 2


Video : High Voltage Enclosures for Hazardous Areas

T&D recommended CMP Triton T3CDS Hazardous Area, Flameproof & Deluge Proof Cable Glands compatible with all types of armoured cable providing a flameproof seal on the cable inner bedding and an environmental seal on the cable outer sheath with IP68 rating. CMP Triton CDS Type T3CDS Cable Glands are Triple Certified for hazardous area installation : Flameproof (Type 'd'), Increased Safety (Type 'e') and Restricted Breathing (Type ‘nR’). CMP Triton brass cable glands are nickel-plated to provide excellent corrosion resistance required for long-term service operation in offshore environments and hazardous areas.

Abtech have customised the junction boxes to include pre-fitted CMP Triton cable glands to enable quick on-site cable termination of the 3.3kV power cables.

CMP Triton Cable Glands

Abtech Junction Boxes - VPJB Special Customised

Application : Hazardous Area & High Voltage Power Distribution

Abtech Junction Box : SSX 8 (Stainless Steel)

Size : 900mm x 1250mm x 300mm

Cable Glands : 2 Gland Plates (A and C)

IP Rating : IP66

Certified Up To 3.3kV 1300A

Certification Level : ATEX - Ex e Apparatus Certified

Temperature Rating : T4 (Tamb : -20°C to +40°C)

Maximum Power Dissipation : 346W

Cable Entries : Side C : 63.5mm x 5, 40.5mm x 6

Enclosure Earth Stud : 1 x EEAESM10SS Side B

Door Earth Stud : 1 x EADESM6SSAbtech Junction Boxes - Hazardous Area High Voltage

Gland Plate Earth Stud : 1 x EAGPESM6SS

Abtech Gel Label (1 x LABTGELCL)

Breather Drain: 1 x EABDM2510SS

Also : 21 x insulated stand off pillars for terminating 300sqmm incoming and 150sqmm outgoing cables (incoming and outgoing pillars linked using central copper link bar).



Video : Abtech Junction Boxes - Stainless Steel SX Enclosures For Oil, Gas, Petrochem Power Distribution In Hazardous Areas

Thorne & Derrick are international distributors of LV-HV Cable Installation, Cable Jointing & Electrical Equipment to the global oil and gas industry.

T&D are distributors for Abtech, a leading manufacturer of Electrical Enclosures & Junction Boxes suitable for industrial and hazardous area LV-HV applications demanding customised, high specification enclosures.

Abtech electrical enclosures include High Voltage Connection Boxes (Cat 3 Zone 2 up to 33kV), Fire Resistant Junction Boxes and IP68 Enclosures. Abtech Hazardous Area Junction Boxes & Electrical Enclosures in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium and GRP are suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas and certified to ATEX standards.

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Abtech Junction Boxes - Stainless Steel SX Enclosures (Hazardous Area & High Voltage)

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