Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal (ATEX) Simplifies Hazardous Area Zone 1 Electrical Connections

By Chris Dodds on 29th January, 2016

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Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal (ATEX) Simplifies Hazardous Area Zone 1 Electrical Connections

Abtech have developed an Ex-rated medium voltage terminal designed to simplify the connection of 4.4kV to 6.6kV electrical supplies within hazardous area zones in the oil, gas and petrochem industry. 

This component certified terminal allows standard Ex-rated hazardous area junction boxes to be transformed in to a cost effective medium voltage connection enclosure.

Pictured: Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal

Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal

Abtech's medium voltage terminal is available in three, four and six way configurations and can accept up to 240sqmm conductors and is rated for a maximum current of 250A.

Medium voltage terminals can be specified to be linked in pairs or multiples and are suitable for high ambient temperature applications.

The MV terminal is both ATEX and IECEx approved for Zone 1 hazardous areas and compatible with the Abtech SX stainless steel enclosure range.

Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal - Technical Specifications
Product Type Medium Voltage Terminal
Material Plastic UTR Laminate GP03 grade 1494
Operating Temperature Rating -40ºC to +130ºC
Crimp Lugs 6mm² to 240mm²
Maximum Current 250A
Maximum Conductor Size 240mm²
Mounting 4 x M8 clearance holes
Area Classification Zone 1 & 21, Gas and Dust
Type of Protection Ex e (Increased Safety)
Apparatus Coding Ex e IIC Gb
Certificate Number ATEX: CML 15ATEX3096U / IECEx: CML 15.0051U


Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal


Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal - Product Range
Product Reference Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth Z (mm) Maximum Voltage (kV)* Maximum Ways Weight (kg)
X X (M) Y Y (M)
TATEMV3 168 153 220 200 102 4.4 3 1.8
TATEMV4 212 197 220 200 102 4.4 4 2.4
TATEMV6 300 285 220 200 102 4.4 6 3.7
TATEMV3T 168 153 220 200 114 6.6 3 1.8
TATEMV4T 212 197 220 200 114 6.6 4 2.4
TATEMV6T 300 285 220 200 114 6.6 6 3.7

*dependant on conductor size and lug configuration


Pictured: Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal - Dimensions Illustration

Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal Without Links - TATEMV4

Abtech Medium Voltage Terminal With Links TATEMV4L22


Abtech - Medium & High Voltage Electrical Enclosures For Hazardous Area

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