3M Scotchcast Cable Joints For Type 11 Flexible & Trailing Mining Cables

By Chris Dodds on 7th May, 2015

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3M Scotchcast Cable Joints For Type 11 Flexible & Trailing Mining Cables

3M 82-F2 Flexible Cable Jointing Kits are specified for inline (straight) and tap (branch) jointing of Type 11 Trailing Cables used in underground coal mines to power coal-cutters and face equipment.



Type 11 0.64/1.1kV BS6708 Trailing Cable features an EPR rubber insulation which allows cable flexibility on site for frequent coiling and diverting to support the coal mining extraction process. 3M Scotchcast 82-F2 cable joints feature 2131 resin which is flexible, flame retardant and moisture sealing for damp working environments experienced in deep underground coal mines.

3M 82-F2 flexible cable joints allow trailing cable to maintain cable bend radius for handling, installation and reeling applications.

3M 82-F2 Cable Joints are suitable also for both indoor and outdoor installations : weather exposed, direct burial underground, submerged and cable reels.

3M Scotchcast 82-F2 Flexible Power Cable Splicing KitsCoalcutters - Cable Joints

  1. One-piece removable mold
  2. 3M Scotchcast 2131 resin compound in "Unipak" container
  3. 3M Scotch 23 tape for sealing cable joint mold ends
  4. Clear and comprehensive cable jointing instuctions

3M Scotchcast 82-F2 cable splices are assigned by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (P-142-5 MSHA).

T&D stock 3M 82-F range of Scotchcast Inline and Tape cable joints for flexible and trailing cables. 3M 82-F Scotchcast cable joints accomodate outside cable diameters up to 30mm. For jointing or repairing flexible and trailing above 30mm diameter, T&D stock and recommend the 3M Scotchcast M20, M30 and M40 Kits which suit up to 152mm cables.

Pictured : BS6708 Type 11 Mining Cable. Flexible mining trailing cables are for use with shuttle cars, coal cutters and similar face equipment.

Type 11 Trailing Cable (Mining)  - 3M Scotchcast 3M 82-F2 Cable Joints


3M Scotchcast resin cable joints are available to suit : 

  • Type 7 Trailing Cable 
  • Type 7M Trailing Cable 
  • Type 7S Trailing Cable 
  • Type 11 Trailing Cable 
  • Type 62, 63 & 64 Flexible Trailing Cable (Galvanised Steel Wire Armouring) 
  • Type 201 & 211 Flexible Trailing Cable (Galvanised Steel Wire Armouring) 
  • Type 307 Trailing Cable 
  • Type 307S Trailing Cable 
  • Type 331 and 321 Flexible Trailing Cables with Galvanised Steel Wire Armouring 
  • Type 631 Flexible Trailing Cables with Galvanised Steel Wire Armouring 
  • PVC Insulated, Wire Armoured and PVC Sheathed Power Cable 
  • PVC Insulated Wire Armoured Telephone Cables 
  • XLPE Insulated, Wire Armoured and PVC Sheathed Power Cables 


Some Mining Cable Jointing Tips

  • Cut out all kinks, twists and crushed spots - if several joints are located close together, remove them all and install a single cable joint to eliminate possible multiple weak spots
  • Take care not to nick or cut the cable construction (conductor, insulation, shield)
  • When preparing mine power feeder cable make sqaure, even cable cuts. Leave no loose threads or sharp points protuding as corona could be initiated within the cable joint
  • Stagger connections (crimped or mechanical) on conductors to reduce bulkiness in the joint and prmote cable flexibility


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When The Going Gets Tough.....

3M Scotchcast resins are highly modified to resist degradation and contamination by acidic and alkaline dusts experienced in the global mining and quarrying industrial sectors such as coal, clay, china clay, chalk, gypsum and limestone. 

Pictured : Mining & Quarrying Conveyors. Electrical plant, equipment and machinery in the mining industry is designed and manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Naturally, cables and cable accessories such as cable joints should be carefully specified to avoid downtime caused by installation of underspecified equipment.       

3M Scotchcast Cable Joints - Mining Quarrying

Global economic growth and infrastructure development depends heavily on mined and quarried natural resources such as minerals, metal ores and coal. Open-cut and underground mining operations require powerful electric machines and cabling to enable extraction. Electrical equipment and cable systems are routinely exposed to heavy dust pollution, high machinery vibration and G-forces. Large scale digging and excavation equipment for open-cut mines, such as electric power shovels and large scale conveyors, require trailing, level-wind cable reels. Drill and blast equipment used for hard rock and underground mining require rugged, compact cable management systems. Mobile power is also needed for shotcrete machines, blast-hole drills, ceiling bolters, and other underground equipment. 


Pictured : Open Cut Mining At Glencore Bulga Coal

Open Cut Mining Cables

Pictured : Underground Shuttle Car Loading Coal 

3M Mining Cable Joints

Pictured : Hydraulic Face Shovel Loading Coal In Dump Truck

3M Scotchcast Mining Cable Joints



3M Scotchcast Flexible & Trailing Power Cable Splice Kits 82-F

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