3M Cable Sheath Repair for Flexible and Trailing Cables

3M Cable Repair Sheath Cable Sheath Repair

Flexible Trailing Cable Repair Kits


3M Scotchcast flexible power cable jointing and repair kits are a flexible cold pour resin system (Scotchcast 2130) for the permanent cable jointing and repair of single or multi-core flexible power cables.

The flexible 3M Scotchcast resin bonds securely to the cable sheath including PVC, EPR, neoprene and hypalon.

They can be used to joint or repair frequently coiled power cables and are suitable for weather exposed, direct burial and submersed cable jointing.

3M cable repair kits are suitable for flexible type 7 mining, Protolon mining and Panzerflex crane cables.  

3M M-Series Cable Sheath Repair with 3M Scotchcast 2130 Resin

Cable Joint Kit Cable Diameter Max Length Of Joint/Repair (mm) Scotchcast Resin Resin Volume Required
Min (mm) Max (mm) Gram cc Litres
3M M20 41 64 360 2130 Resin  1232  1140 1.022
3M M30 47 102 520 2130 Resin  2464 2280 2.045
3M M40 47 150 813 2130 Resin  3696 3420 3.067


Mining cable repair kits are available for BS6708 underground mining cables including:

  • Type 11, Type 7, Type 7S, Type 7M, Type 307, Type 307S, Type 307M Flexible trailing cables for use with coalcutters and similar face equipment
  • Type 211, Type 201, Type 62, Type 63, Type 64, Type 321, Type 331 Flexibile trailing cables with galvinized steel wire pliable wire armouring for use as mine extension cables in quarries and coalface lighting.

3M Scotchcast Cable Repair Systems - Benefits

  • Simple installation – no workshop needed
  • Non-vulcanising – no costly equipment needed
  • Drastic reduction in cable repair time – compared to vulcanising
  • No heat required – safer system, no permit for hot work required
  • High performance – repaired/jointed section can be reeled without sagging
  • Permanent cable repair – both electrically and mechanically
  • No end lifting – bonds to all modern cable sheath materials 
  • Abrasion resistant – equivalent to vulcanising
  • Weather resistant – over a wide temperature range
  • Flame retardant – resin system 

Offshore cable repairs solutions are available for BS6883, BS7917, NEK606, IEEE45, IEEE1580 Type P and IEC-60092 cables and to following specifications:

  • IEC60092-353: electrical installation in ships, power cables
  • NEK606: cables for offshore installation halogen-free or mud-resistant
  • IEC60092.375 shipboard telecommunications cable
  • IEC60331: fire resistant cables
  • IEC60332: flame retardant cables
  • IEC61031-1.2: smoke denisty
  • IEC60754-1, halogen free properties
  • IEC60228: electical conductor

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