3M Scotchcast 2131-D Resin

3M 2131-D - 3M Scotchcast Resin

3M Scotchcast Resin

3M Scotchcast Resin - 2131-D

3M Scotchcast 2131-D Resin has superseded 3M Scotchcast 2130-C resin packs.

3M Scotchcast Resin 2131 is a two component, flame retardant, flexible polyurethane resin for room temperature curing.

Scotchcast 2131-D resin has been designed for electrical insulation and mechanical protection of flexible electrical cable joints.

Unique formulation ensures Scotchcast 2131-D is particularly suited to withstand the rugged conditions under which mine and portable cable must operate.

2131 resin is classified as LI-LMP-MMP (low voltage insulation and mechanical protection) according to Cenelec HD 631.1 S2 Standard.

Once cured, the 3M Scotchcast resin provides impact resistance and durability against moisture and atmospheric corrosion.
3M Scotchcast Resin 2131-D

3M Scotchcast 2131-D Resin Application

Flame retardant mechanical protection and electrical insulation of flexible low voltage electrical joints installed for flame retardant indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications.

2131-D resin can be used to replace or repair cable jackets for both single and multi core power cables. Suitable for sealing the crutch and/or sheath when terminating multi core cables.

When used in accordance with the appropriate kit configuration, Scotchcast Resin 2131 meets Part 7, Title 30 CFR and carries MSHA approvals.

3M Scotchcast 2131-D Features

  • Good adhesion to metals and different plastics
  • Bonds to itself and most modern cable jackets
  • Flame retardant resin
  • Tough, yet flexible Scotchcast resin
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Low exothermic reaction temperature

Adobe 3M Scotchcast 2131 Resin - Salt Water & Sea Water Resistant Test

Adobe 3M Scotchcast 2131-D Resin

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3M Scotchcast 2131-D Resin