Submersible Cable Joints for Marine & Offshore Cables

3MLow Voltage LV Cable Joints

Oil, MUD, Fire Resistant, Submersible Offshore Cable Joints


3M Scotchcast submersible cable joints are suitable for marine and offshore shipwiring cables 600/1000v - this includes offshore power and instrumentation topsides cables to IEC/NEK606 and halogen-free mud resistant cables (BFOU and RFOU) types.

3M Scotchcast 82F submersible cable joints utilise 2130 flexible, flame retardant and seawater resistant resin and are compatible with EPR, neoprene, hypalon, PVC and nitrile cable sheaths. 3M 82F cable joints are suitable for seawater applications.

Submersible cable joints are suitable for borehole pump, downhole cables and jointing waste water and sewage treatment plant cables. 

Underwater and seawater resistant cable joints and splices are available as straight and Tee (T or Y) type design for tapping off cables in subsea (diving and ROV) cable jointing applications.

Typical applications include: Offshore Renewable Energy, Wind Farms, Wave and Tidal, Nuclear Energy, Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Oceanography, Utilities,  Inshore Diving, Recovery & Salvage, Water Flow Control & Defence.

3M Scotchcast offshore cable joints provide reliable service for several offshore oil and gas drilling applications including jackups, submersibles, MODU's, fixed platforms, semi-submersibles and drill ships - cables joints suit Metric, MCM and AWG power, control, instrumentation, signal and communications cables.

3M Scotchcast 82F and 82BF flexible inline and branch cable joints suit single core conductor cables up to 120sqmm and 50sqmm for branch jointing - also suitable for cable jointing neoprene reeling cables and subsea camera cables for diving surveys.

3M Scotchcast kits are used to splice or rejacket non-shielded portable power cable and portable cords -

  • Inline single-conductor cables rated up to 5 kV
  • Tap single-conductor cables rated up to 1000 V
  • Inline and tap multi-conductor cables rated up to 1000 V
  • Mine portable cable rated 600/2000 V (P-142-5 MSHA)
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Weather exposed
  • Direct burial
  • Submerged
  • Cable reels
  • Cable jacket repairs

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