Silver Fox - Rail Cable Labels With Network Rail & London Underground (LUL) Approval

By Chris Dodds on 25th January, 2016

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Silver Fox - Rail Cable Labels With Network Rail & London Underground (LUL) Approval

Silver Fox

Network Rail and LUL Approved Cable & Wire Labels

Network Rail ApprovedLondon Underground (LUL) Approved

T&D are Main Distributors for Silver Fox, the UK leading manufacturer of Wire & Cable Labelling SystemsSilver Fox for the identification of Electrical, Instrumentation, Security, Data & Telecoms cables in the rail industry.

Silver Fox will be exhibiting at Infrarail 2016, the UK’s definitive rail infrastructure event.

Key to the specification selection process for rail cable labels is the ability to demonstrate low smoke zero-halogen performance in the event of a fire.

LU-1-085 Compliant Cable Labels For London Underground

LU 1-085 is the current approval document which details the requirements of fire safety materials to be used on London Underground and Transport for London.

LU 1-085 includes rigorous fire and safety tests to ensure only the safest materials are installed onto a rail network that transported over 1 billion passengers in 2012.

Compliance of any cable or cable accessory with LU 1-085 is a hallmark of advanced technical specification and product performance. 

Rail Cable Labels

The stringent performance testing of Silver Fox cable labels has ensured successful installation in high voltage electricity substations where long-term and durable cable labelling is essential on mission-critical power circuits at 11kV and 33kV voltages.  

Cable Labels

A range of products have been approved by both Network Rail and London Underground (LUL) including the Fox-Flo® LS0H UV Stable Tie-On Cable Labels and the Legend™ Heat Shrink Cable Labels.

Silver Fox Fox-FloŽ LS0H UV Stable Tie-On Cable LabelsSilver Fox Legend Heatshrink Cable Labels


Test, Test & Test Some More

Silver Fox Labels go through rigorous independent testing to ensure their safety and reliability. These tests include:

  • MIL – STD - 202G Method 106G – Moisture Resistance
  • MIL – STD - 810F Method 502.4 – Low Temperature -25°C
  • MIL - STD - 810F Method 502.4 – Low Temperature -40°C
  • IEC60068 – 2 - 52 Test kb Salt Mist (Cyclic)
  • H2S Exposure (Sour Ageing)

The Silver Fox Fox-Flo® Tie-On labels have also undergone specific testing for:

  • UL 94 Section 8 ‘Vertical Burning Test’ Rating V0
  • UV Weathering 8000 hours ISO 4982 Part 3 Method A Cycle 1
  • IMO FTPC Part 2 – Smoke and Toxicity
  • IMO FTPC Part 5 – Surface Spread of Flames

All this testing is part of Silver Fox’s continuing resolve to ensure their customers profit from effective and innovative cable labelling products, enabling them to use time productively, whilst also benefiting from high quality and durable solutions.


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