Video : How To Print 25,000 Cable Labels In 4 Hours

By on 24th June, 2015

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Video : How To Print 25,000 Cable Labels In 4 Hours

Silver Fox Cable Labels

Arabian Falcon, the largest Oil and Gas electrical distributor in the UAE, are often asked to supply customers with cost-efficient but durable cable labels.

This includes printing custom cable labels for high volume requirements to maintain the identification of low and high voltage cables often during short time period shutdowns.

Turn Time Into Profit, is Silver Fox's motto.

Advanced performance software and their printer is at the heart of Silver Fox's cable labelling systems - "turbo-charging" the speed at which cable labels can be created. Reducing man-hours and associated economic costs and driving up the efficiency of complex cable labelling projects.

Mission Impossible?

Arabian Falcon

Recently, Arabian Falcon have been asked by a client to print 25,000 labels in a very short space of time - four hours to be exact.

This feat would seem impossible however the task was accepted and carried out using the Silver Fox DTP1 thermal printer. 

Arabian Falcon, an Official Silver Fox distributor are familiar with the print speed of the Silver Fox DTP1 thermal printer, however even Nirmal Rajesh (Sales Manager) was astonished at the amount of cable labels that were produced in such a small space of time. 

The 25,000 cable labels were printed onto Silver Fox legend non-shrink tubing

Silver Fox Legend Non-Shrink Tubing Cable Markers - Features & Benefits

The Legend non-shrink tubing has been designed in a special oval shape which is designed to grip wires and cables without slipping.

Quick and simple to apply, the Silver Fox Legend non-shrink tubing does not require any heat gun to install which not only reduces installation time but also makes the tubing ideal for use in onshore and offshore hazardous areas. 

The "cold-fit" labels require no heat-source or naked flame and consequently no "hot-working" permit. Silver Fox cables labels are specified and installed throughout the global oil, gas and petrochemical sectors in Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations where the presence of potentially explosive atmospheres preclude the use of heat shrink cable markers.

Furthermore, the offshore industry operates under extreme conditions, therefore cables and cable accessories must demonstrate advanced technical specification performance.

Read more : Offshore Cable Labelling Solutions From Silver Fox (IMO Approved).

The Legend non-shrink tubing has been independently tested for high/low temperature performance, against salt mist spray, H2S and UV weathering. 

Read more : Silver Fox Cable Labels - Salt Mist Spray Testing For Offshore & Marine Cable Labelling.


25,000 labels printed in four hours


Silver Fox DTP1 Thermal Printer

The Silverfox DTP1 Plug 'n' Play thermal label printer is a cost effective solution and can be used to print large volumes of cable labels, as demonstrated by Arabian Falcon. 

The contents of the Silver Fox Thermal Printer :

  • DTP-1/300 Plug’N’Play Thermal Printer
  • Silver Fox Labacus® Innovator Software (Choice of Advanced or Professional version)
  • Silver Fox TSR3/300/100 Thermal Ribbon
  • Universal Guidance System for Heat Shrink and Non-Shrink Tubing
  • Quick-start Manual 

Silverfox DTP1 Thermal Printer - Technical Data

  • Technology Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution 300dpi
  • RAM 8mb
  • Weight 4.5kgs
  • Interface USB
  • Dimensions 231mm (W) x 289mm (L) x 270mm (H) 


Video : Printing 25,000 Cable labels In 4 hours - Silverfox DTP1 Thermal Printer


Video: Silver Fox Legend Non-Shrink Thermal Labels Printer

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