Roxtec To Present At RTDN 2015 22nd-24th Sept

By Chris Dodds on 20th August, 2015

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Roxtec To Present At RTDN 2015 22nd-24th Sept



By Gavin Cornall

Divisional Manager Construction, Power & Process at Roxtec UK & Ireland.

Roxtec manufacture cable and pipe sealing solutions for a wide range of applications across all industry sectors.

Roxtec sealing products are found on land, at sea and underground. Roxtec seals prevent damage from water, fire, gas, sand, dust and dirt - they protect against explosion, lightning strikes, pull-out, noise, and vibration.

We Seal Your World

Roxtec Cable Seals

I have been asked to present at the IET's RTDN 2015 conference in Birmingham, which I am really looking forward to, it’s a chance to meet up with new and existing clients whilst spreading the word about the great work we have been doing over the last couple of years with DNO & Renewable clients.

Resilience Of Transmission And Distribution Networks Conference

Roxtec Cable Seals

The 2015 program looks very interesting with a number of speakers from leading organisations in our sector, ABB, Alstom, National Grid etc covering a wide range of topics from equipment to security of supply.

If you want any further info on the RTDN event please take a look at the event webpage which can be found at:

The great news is attendance at the event counts 18 hours towards your CPD, which I sure some will find very helpful.

Roxtec Cable Seals

What We Will Be Talking About!

For those of you who have read my previous Roxtec blogs and posts, you will be well aware that we specialise in sealing cables entering substation buildings.

It may well seem like a small detail in the overall scheme of the project, but we want to highlight why effective sealing is the 1st line of defence when looking to optimise operating conditions for switchgear.

We will look specifically at some of the issues facing engineers in deploying effective systems to mitigate water ingress.

  • Optimum Operating Conditions For Switchgear - Impact of moisture / dust / dirt
  • Effects of moisture / dust / dirt on switchgear - specifically Partial Discharge
  • EA Technology White Paper - "Humidity Effects In Substations"
  • Structural considerations to achieving the highest level of seal
  • Key Performance Requirements - Retention, Running Water Installation, Cable Ranges

If you wish to read a little about our UG seals and specifically some of the demands a modern sealing system see : Roxtec UG - Sealing Cables Underground Against Constant Water Pressure


The RTDN presentation will be our 1st showing of the new installation video of our seals which illustrates just how effective Roxtec UG is at meeting the needs of a modern substation environment.

We have many interesting things in the pipeline in terms of CPD's, Marketing, Product Development / Launch, which we will start to roll out over the next 6 months.

So why not come along and discuss these aspects with us directly at this year’s RTDN conference.

  • Further Reading

Roxtec Cable Transits : Best Practice For Sealing Substation Cables


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