Roxtec Cable Sealing Solutions For Rapid Rail Transit Systems

By on 27th January, 2015

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Roxtec Cable Sealing Solutions For Rapid Rail Transit Systems




Roxtec & Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd  

The Namma Metro Project in Bangalore, India is the development of a mass transit system consisting of three phases.

Phase 1 consists of 42.3 km of track and consists of 2 lines.

Phase 2 consists of two lines also but covers a distance of 72.095 km.

The final phase (Phase 3) will consist of 133 km of rail line connecting Nagawara and Kempegowda International Airport (KIA).

Pictured: The Rapid Transit System From The Namma Metro Project In Bangalore, India

Roxtec Cable Seals Metro Third Rail Transit

Such a project requires a significant level of low and medium voltage electrical power and therefore cables and cable seals.

Roxtec have provided an innovative and flexible trackside rail cable sealing solution using the Roxtec R and RS seals with customised sleeves.

Roxtec have innovated an extensive range of rail cable and pipe seals specified to protect against water ingress, gas migration and fire spread. 

Roxtec R Seals

Ensuring Reliable Third Rail Power Supply

Put simply, third rail is a method of providing electrical power to a train. A conductor rail is laid alongside the rail track and the conductor shoe is attached to the train.

This then comes into contact with the conductor rail supplying electrical power to the train. 

Pictured L-R : Third Rail Conductor Rail & Conductor Shoe

Third Rail Conductor Rail & Conductor Shoe

Third rail power is often used on Metro systems and other rapid rail transit systems.

To ensure the power can get to the conductor rail, it is essential to have the power cables properly sealed to prevent water, dust and rodents from entering the power supply rooms and causing outages. 

Avoiding Problems With Multiple Benefits And A Customised Solution

The Roxtec cable seals not only prevent costly downtime, but also protect against problems such as water ingress, rodents gnawing through cables and any other foreign bodies entering into the cable area. 

The solution provided by Roxtec included the Roxtec RS 100 and Roxtec RS 75 with a customised sleeve to obtain the correct entry angle for the rigid cables in the narrow space between the track and wall of the rail platform.

Pictured: Roxtec R Cable Seal Used On The Namma Metro Transit Project

Roxtec R Cable Seal Used On The Namma Metro Transit Project

Namma Metro Project - Key Facts
Project Type Construction of Metro and Power Supply to Trains 
Companies Involved 

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. – owner
International consortium of RITES Ltd.,PCI,PBI and

SYSTRA – design and engineering 

ABB Ltd – contractor

Applications  Sealing of 33kV and 750V DC cables on track and
side wall below platform, routed into power control and
supply rooms in metro station buildings
Sealing Requirements IP 66/67, watertight, fire-proof, and dust-tight Air-tight for efficient use of air-conditioning. Protection from rats, snakes and lizards 
Roxtec Products Roxtec R and RS seals with customized sleeves 


Roxtec : Rail Rolling Stock & Construction References

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