Video : Roxtec UG - Sealing Substation Cables & Underground Ducts v. Constant Water Pressure

By Chris Dodds on 9th February, 2016

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Video : Roxtec UG - Sealing Substation Cables & Underground Ducts v. Constant Water Pressure




Roxtec UG Solutions - Cable Duct Seals For Underground Applications

Roxtec UG forms part of the range of cable duct seals from Roxtec and is designed for sealing cable ducts and entries in underground applications - this includes LV MV power cables ducted in trefoil arrangement supplying 11kV and 33kV substations.

Roxtec Cable Seals

Roxtec UG duct seals provide a long lasting cable seal against high pressure water ingress and is deal for use on underground cables entering through building, transformer or substation foundations.  

The following film includes UK site footage of test installations where water tables were problematic for the utility.

A number of different "traditional"  duct seals had all failed over time due to the challenge of installing the seals under "running water" situations.

Roxtec UG seals prevent flooded substations and the consequential power outages caused by sub-standard cable duct sealing.   

Video : Roxtec UG Substation Cable Duct Seals  

Installing Under "Running Water" Conditions 

Why Use The Roxtec UG Cable Duct Seal? 

There are many benefits to the installer using the Roxtec UG seal :

  • Ease of design and installation
  • Corrosion and rodent resistant cable sealing
  • Pull-out tests performed and passed
  • Knock-out casting sleeve
  • Eliminate the risk of flooding and prevent humidity from damaging equipment
  • Roxtec Multidiameter technology adapts through modules with removable layers 

Pictured: Roxtec UG - Cable Seals For Underground Applications

Roxtec UG - Cable Seals For Underground Applications

Roxtec UG Seals

Long Lasting, Excellent Protection

The Roxtec UG cable duct seal has been designed and developed to be used specifically in underground applications where damage caused by fire is unlikely.

The cable duct seals are constructed to be fully resistant to constant, high water pressure and can be used to eliminate flooding.

The innovative Roxtec knock-out sleeve is designed to be cast into the undergound foundation and provides capacity for expansions and future cable installations.

The cable sleeves are available in 3 different standard industry sizes and are designed to fit Roxtec UG seals and frames.

Each sleeve can be used in many different combinations and putting the pieces together is very simple. 

Pictured: Roxtec UG Cable Duct Seal

Roxtec UG Cable Seal

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Roxtec UG Cable Seals

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