DMS Technologies Red Flash Batteries Approved By Network Rail

By Chris Dodds on 24th September, 2012

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DMS Technologies Red Flash Batteries Approved By Network Rail

Rail Electrification & Cabling LV HV

Network Rail Approved Batteries - Red Flash

Red Flash battery systems are specifically designed to replace applications using wet Nickel Cadmium and flooded Lead Acid batteries within the rail network.

Pictured: DMS Technologies Rail Products

DMS Technologies Rail Products

DMS Technologies have worked with Network Rail companies to develop and supply batteries and systems for both infrastructure and on-board applications.

Red Flash batteries are approved by Network Rail for use in many applications including level crossing barrier control, point-end switching and various other signaling installations.

The Red Flash battery systems use AGM Lead Acid battery technology which are fully recyclable and require no maintenance, topping up or cleaning.

These popular Network Rail approved batteries are able to offer a simple and effective power solution.

DMS Technologies Red Flash Rail Battery Solutions

Product Type

Information Picture

DMS Technologies 

Small Point End Switching
Up to 6 ends

  • DMS Technologies is able to provide a Red Flash battery capable of operating up to 6 ends simultaneously
  • Comprising 57 x 5Ah Cyclon Cells mounted in a steel easy to install tray.
  • PADS No. 0054/003080
DMS Technologies Small Point End Switching

DMS Technologies 

Large Point End Switching
Up to 11 ends

  • DMS Technologies can provide a solution based on a 25Ah Cyclon battery mounted in 5 convenient steel modules
  • PADS No. 0086/003115
DMS Technologies Large Point End Switching

DMS Technologies 

Large Point End Switching
Up to 11 ends

  • 150Ah 24V battery comprises 6 x 24V modules connected in parallel to achieve the total capacity
  • Each module contains 12 x 2V cells in a steel case with a clear Perspex lid
  • PADS No. 0086/023864
DMS Technologies Level Crossing Battery

DMS Technologies

Red Flash Signaling Batteries

  • Based on the low maintenance Lead Acid Cyclon battery.
  • DMS technologies has 3 Network Rail approved Red Flash batteries:
  1. Nominal 12V 8Ah. PADS No. 0088/08954
  2. Nominal 12V 25Ah. PADS No. 0088/088953
  3. Nominal 12V 50Ah. PADS No. 0094/021053.
DMS Technologies Red Flash Signalling Batteries

T&D stock an extensive range of LV MV HV Rail Cable & Electrification Equipment with Network Rail PADS Approval.


T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TFL London Underground (LU).


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DMS Technologies Red Flash Rail Battery Solutions - Level Crossing, Point End Switching & Signal

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