Prysmian Afumex LSOH Cable Cleats Specified for Baker Street Upgrade

By Chris Dodds on 2nd October, 2012

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Prysmian Afumex LSOH Cable Cleats Specified for Baker Street Upgrade

Prysmian LSF Cable Cleats

Prysmian Bicon Afumex Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Cleats

LU London Underground Approved

Prysmian Afumex cable cleats have been specified by LU London Underground to provide cable support to 750V DC Limited Fire Hazard Track Feeder Cables - EME-SP-14-025. 

Note : 500/630sqmm and 935sqmm LFH track feeder cables, now replaced by LUL Specification 1-108 and Metronet specification MR SE908.

Prysmian Afumex Two Bolt Cleat LSOH 374 series

Prysmian Afumex cable cleats are lightweight, low smoke, zero halogen, two bolt stackable cable cleat approved by London Underground.

Ideally suited for larger cable diameters / Afumex BS6724 armoured cables for use indoors and outdoors.

Prysmian Bicon Afumex Cable Cleats Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for use with cable diameters 50mm to 94mm
  • Manufactured from LSOH Polymer
  • Designed for use with Afumex LSOH and Saffire OHLS cables
  • Low Smoke and Zero Halogen cable cleats
  • Sunlight (UV) and weather resistant
  • Afumex cable cleats have a two-piece, two fixing design
  • Can be double stacked on common fixings
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 50368
  • LUL APR Product ID 1958
  • Test Standard EN 50368:2003
  • Type 6.1.2 Non-metallic
  • Impact Resistance 6.2.5 V. Heavy
  • Lateral Load 1.22 -> 3.485kN
  • Axial Load 82 -> 110N
  • Needle Flame >120 secs

Prysmian Bicon Afumex Cable Cleats

Prysmian Bicon Afumex LSF Cable Cleat Technical Data
Design Number Cable Diameter A Dimensions Weight
Min Max B C D E
Prysmian Bicon 374LSF01 50mm 58mm 89mm 102mm 45mm 80mm 174g
Prysmian Bicon 374LSF02 56mm 64mm 93mm 102mm 45mm 80mm 158g
Prysmian Bicon 374LSF03 62mm 70mm 98mm 114mm 45mm 92mm 174g
Prysmian Bicon 374LSF04 68mm 76mm 104mm 114mm 50mm 92mm 210g
Prysmian Bicon 374LSF05 74mm 82mm 110mm 126mm 50mm 104mm 254g
Prysmian Bicon 374LSF06 80mm 88mm 118mm 126mm 50mm 104mm 264g
Prysmian Bicon 374LSF07 86mm 94mm 121mm 136mm 60mm 114mm 326g


T&D distribute the complete range of Prysmian (BICON) cable cleats including mulicleat, trefoil, claw, hook, single and two bolt cleats manufactured from plastic nylon (LSF), stainless steel and aluminium for LV-HV cable support and containment in short-circuit conditions.


T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TFL London Underground (LU).

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750V DC Limited Fire Hazard Track Feeder Cables - EME-SP-14-025

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