Silver Fox Non-Shrink Tubing Cable Markers

Silver FoxSilver Fox Non-Shrink Tubing Cable Markers

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Silver Fox Thermal Cable Labels


The Silver Fox cost-effective budget range Legend non-shrink tubing comes in special dispenser packs of three rolls. Choose the length of your ident in the Silver Fox Labacus Innovator labelling software giving you maximum flexibility with minimum waste. Print the cable markers then cut at the cut lines.

Silver Fox Thermal Non-Shrink Tubing Cable LabelsSilver Fox cable markers are quick and simple to apply, helping you turn time into profit. The Silver Fox range of wire marking labels includes heat shrink labels, two-part labels and non-shrink tubing. These markers can be printed using standard office laser printers or the Silver Fox cost effective Fox in a Box thermal printer and labelling solution, in each case supported by the Silver Fox easy to use Labacus labelling software.

Installed using Fox-in-a-Box thermal printing option: Standard / Advanced / Professional.        

Printing : 25,000 labels in 4 hours, that’s 100/minute. 1 roll printing: approx. 12,000 x 25mm / ribbon. 2 rolls printing: approx. 24,000 x 25mm / ribbon (each thermal ribbon)

Silver Fox Cable Labels - Printer

Silver Fox Non-Shrink Tubing - Thermal Cable Labels - Part Numbers

Silver Fox Part Number  Cable OD Ø (mm) Roll Length (m) Pack Quantity  Total Pack (m) Colour Options
LNST2-1(150)T 1 - 2 150 2 Rolls 300
LNST3-1(100)T 1 - 3 100 2 Rolls 200
LNST4-2(75)T 2 - 4 75 2 Rolls 150
LNST5-3(50)T 3 - 5 50 2 Rolls 100
LNST6-4(30)T 4 - 6 30 2 Rolls 60
  • Network Rail & London Underground Approved Cable Labels 

 LU London UndergroundNR Network Rail


Silver Fox : Tie-on, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Heatshrink Tubing, Nonshrink Tubing, 2-Part & Flag Type Cable Labels for power, instrumentation, control, telecoms, data and fibre cable labelling.

Silver Fox Cable Labels

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Silver Fox Non-Shrink Tubing Cable Markers