Polypipe Ridgicoil Underground Cable Ducting For PV Solar Farm Cables

By Chris Dodds on 13th March, 2014

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Polypipe Ridgicoil Underground Cable Ducting For PV Solar Farm Cables

Polypipe Ridgicoil Underground Cable Ducting

Ridgicoil RC90X50BE


Yesterday, T&D supplied 2,500 metres of Polypipe Ridgicoil Underground Cable Ducting to the new solar park array at Nova Scotia Farm, West Caister, Great Yarmouth UK. 

Polypipe Ridgicoil cable ducting will provide underground cable protection to buried LV and HV power cables.

Underground Cable Protection - Polypipe Ridgiduct Ridgicoil

The new project consists of a photovoltaic (PV) solar park array, located upon 29.60ha of arable crop producing farmland.

The PV solar park array is expected to have a maximum power output of 11.8MW over a lifespan of 25 years.

T&D have supplied 14 x 50m coils of Polypipe Ridgicoil RC90X50BE (90mm outside diameter cable duct) and 36 x 50m coils of Polypipe Ridgicoil RC63X50BE (63mm outside diameter cable duct) - the cable ducting will provide power cable protection to electrical LV and HV cable.

71mm Ridgicoil Power Duct

Polypipe Ridgicoil is a strong yet flexible alternative to conventional cable ducting for underground power utilities. Polypipe Ridgicoil flexibility eliminates the need for special bends and the smooth bore has a low co-efficient of friction for ease of cable installation.

Polypipe Ridgicoil Underground Cable Ducting - Colours

  • Black (B) - Electricity
  • Yellow (Y) - Gas
  • Orange (O) - Street Lighting
  • Blue (BL) - Water
  • Purple (P) - Motorway Communications
  • Green (G) - Cable Television
  • Purple (P) - Street Lighting (Scotland)
  • Grey (GR) - Telecommunications

T&D are also very active supplying an array of PV solar farm projects with cable joints.

Polypipe Ridgicoil RC90X50BE 71mm Power Duct Technical Data
Net Weight 23.1000kg
Nominal Wall Thickness 8mm
Thickness 9.5mm
Radius 45mm
Material High Density Polyethylene
Volume 0.7290000m³
Width 1350mm
Inside Diameter 71mm
Length 50000mm
Outside Diameter 90mm


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Polypipe Ridgicoil & Ridgduct Underground Cable Ducting

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