PV Solar Farm Cable Joints

By Chris Dodds on 3rd March, 2014

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PV Solar Farm Cable Joints

T&D are currently supplying 15 new UK Solar PV Farm projects in the south of England with Low Voltage Cable Joints - typically available as resin cast, cold shrink and heat shrink cable joints they are commonly used to connect General Cable Harmohny LV Power Cable.

The unarmoured 0.6/1kV power cable features XLPE insulation with halogen free cable sheath and aluminium conductors - the cable joints are available in kit form including mechanical shearbolt connectors to joint the aluminium cores. General Cable Harmohny low voltage power distribution cables are for PV solar farm projects, where power cables are installed outdoors, in conduit and/or direct buried cable trench applications.


PV Solar Farm Power Cables - General Cable Harmohny LV Power Cables

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