Overhead Distribution Line Temporary Earthing Kits 66kV-132kV

By Chris Dodds on 12th July, 2013

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Overhead Distribution Line Temporary Earthing Kits 66kV-132kV

T&D produce customised Overhead Line Portable Earthing Kits specifically designed to meet the requirements of National Grid and utility contractors working to the requirements of EA Technical Specification ESI 43-81.

Overhead Line Portable Earthing Kits provide a compact lightweight temporary earthing assembly kit that can be easily applied to 3 phase high voltage overhead lines up to 66kV and 132kV.

Portable Earth Kits are fitted with conductor clamps type S9BS/A line end earthing clamps made from aluminium alloy suitable for a conductor range from 3.0 to 27.0mm diameter. The earth clamps can be fitted with ring type operating screws or tapered shaft operatinbg screws with cross pins.

Flexible aluminium earth leads with approved compression terminations and support sleeves are used forPortable Earthing - PB Weir interconnecting the conductor clamps and to provide the downlead for bolting to the earth rod or earth point. The portable earth leads are multi-stranded from pure aluminium with an extruded PVC sheath, either clear or opaque "Arctic" orange grade to protect the cable from damage. The standard sizes of aluminium earth leads have a nominal cross sectional area of 150sqmm, 120sqmm or 50sqmm and are used according to the fault level of the high voltage overhead line system.

Overhead Line Earthing


Video Playlist : PB Weir Portable Earthing (Overhead Lines & Substations)


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