66kV Cable Joints, Single Core - 3M Cold Shrink

3M QSIII Cold Shrink Cable Joint - Single Core - 66kV

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3M Cold Shrink QSIII 66kV single core high voltage polymeric cable joints offer faster, safer and simpler cable installations without the dangers and hassles of “hot-working” associated with heat shrink terminations - no naked flames, no gas torches, no ignition tooling, no “hot-work” permit applications.

3M 66kV cable joints are suitable for jointing polymeric insulated, cable tape or wire screen cables with lead sheaths.

QTIII Cold Shrink Cable Joint Body

Born out of 3M's unparallelled experience in the development of Cold Shrink technology, this premium cable joint technology offers simplicity and flexibility.

The QSIII covers a wider range of cable joint sizes and types as well as accomodating high voltages up to 66kV.

FACT - 3M Cold Shrink QTIII Jointing & Terminating Kits are the preferred choice for more than 80% of the UK power utility companies.

Cable Backfill Material for Laying 66kV Cable Networks - well compacted, thermally suitable, non-corrosive material, not containing readily visible foreign matter such as pieces of clay or organic detritus and not containing sharp stones or flints, selected to suit the thermal resistivity required by the high voltage system design.

UK standard cable backfill thermal resistivities refer to ENA TS97-1. 66kV cable drum lengths should be supplied with end sealing caps to prevent moisture ingress into cable - Cold Shrink Cable End Caps or Heat Shrink Cable End Caps.

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66kV Cable Joints, Single Core - 3M Cold Shrink