Megger BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer - Cable Fault Locators

By Chris Dodds on 26th September, 2012

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Megger BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer - Cable Fault Locators

Megger Cable Fault Locators

Megger BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer


Megger Battery Ground-Fault Tracer is an economical, manually-balanced instrument that identifies, tracks and locates ground faults in ungrounded dc battery systems on-line. Megger BGFT is particularly effective in a high electrical noise environments, as the strength of the test current can be adjusted.

Megger BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer

The Megger BGFT Battery Ground-Fault Tracer accelerates fault location by eliminating trial-and-error procedures and because faults can be located without going off-line. It is particularly useful in any industry where supply of power for operating measurement, communication and control equipment is critical.


Megger BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer Features

  • The BGFT easily locates ground faults in underground DC systems
  • Operates in high electrical noise environment
  • The High / Low switch on the BGFT fault tracer provides the needed power to locate high impedance faults
  • Simplifies fault tracing by identifying fault characteristics magnitudes
  • Consists of a line-operated transmitter and a portable, battery-powered receiver
  • Bridge measurements of fault resistance and system capacitance
  • DIgital display of voltage and current signal amplitudes
  • Wide fault resistance measurement range from 1 kΩ to 399 kΩ
  • Immune to distributed noise
  • Soft-start charging system to prevent sensitive relay tripping


Megger BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer Specifications
Power Source


246100C: 115 V AC ±10% @ 50/60Hz, 200 VA max

246100C-47: 230 V AC ±10% @ 50/60Hz, 200 VA max


One 9-volt alkaline battery supplies up to 40 hours continuous use at 20°C

Source Voltage

Variable from 0 to 15V rms in low range

Variable from 0 to 50V rms in high range

Source Current

Load dependent from 0 to 1.7A rms 

Source Frequency

20Hz, ±2%

Fault Resistance

1kΩ to 399kΩ at 50V; bridge accuracy ±10% 

Line Capacitance

0.01 to 11.1 µF; bridge accuracy ±20%


Transmitter: Separate 3-digit LCD meters for volts and current

Accuracy: ±5%

Receiver: Digital meter display up to 1.999 

Temperature Range

Operating: 32 to 105° F (0 to 40° C)

Storage: -5 to +130° F (-20 to +55° C)



7.5 H x 18.5 W x 14.6 D in. (19 H x 47 W x 37 D cm)


1.5 H x 3.5 W x 7.5 D in. (4 H x 9 W x 19 D cm)


Transmitter: 35 lb (15.9 kg)

Receiver: 0.66 lb (0.3 kg)


Megger offers a complete range of high voltage electrical test and measurement equipment for electric power applications. Megger equipment is used to test and maintain a wide variety of high voltage electrical apparatus including HV transformers, HV circuit breakers, HV batteries, HV cable, HV transformers, HV relays and HV watthour meters, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the critical components that comprise the high voltage electrical cable and distribution system.

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Megger BGFT Battery Ground Fault Tracer

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