Megger MIT 520-2 Insulation Resistance Tester 5kV

By Chris Dodds on 19th August, 2012

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Megger MIT 520-2 Insulation Resistance Tester 5kV

Testing & Maintenance Of High Voltage Electrical Equipment

Megger MIT 520-2 Insulation Resistance Tester 5kV


Megger MIT520/2 was designed specifically to assist with the testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. The Megger MIT520/2 case is incredibly rugged and easy to carry, being made of tough polypropylene and achieving an ingress protection rating of IP65. In addition, the Megger model number is marked on both the top and side of the case for ease of identification in stores or vehicles.

Pictured: Megger MIT520/2 5 kV Diagnostic Insulation Resistance Tester

Megger MIT520/2 5 kV Diagnostic Insulation Resistance Tester

As well as measuring insulation resitance to 15 TO, the Megger MIT520/2 offers various diagnostic tests such as Polarisation Index, Dielectric Absorption Ratio, Step Voltage and Dielectric Discharge.

The Megger cable insulation testing instrument has a large easy to read backlit LCD display making it equally suitable for use in both bright unlight and poorly lit environments. Information displayed includes resistance, voltage, leakage current, capacitance, battery status and time constant. In addition, the elapsed time of the cable insulation test is displayed constantly removing the need for separate timer.

Megger MIT 520-2 Insulation Tester 5kV - Features

  • CATIV 600 V
  • Cable insulation testing up to 5 kV
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Digital/analogue backlit display
  • Variable test voltage from 50 to 5000 V
  • Automatic IR, PI, DAR, SV and DD tests
  • Measures to 15 TΩ
  • RS232 and USB download of results


Megger 5kV MIT520-2 Insulation Resistance Tester Specifications

Voltage input range

85-265 V rms, 50/60Hz, 60VA

Battery life 

Typical capacity is 6 hours continuous testing at 5kV with a 100 MΩ load 

Test voltages 

50V to 1kV in 10V steps, 1kV to 5kV in 25V steps 


2% error guarding 500 kΩ leakage with 100 MΩ load

Display range

Digital display (3 digits) 10kΩ to 15TΩ
Analogue display 100kΩ to 1TΩ 

Capacitor charge time

<3 seconds per μF at 3mA to 5kV 

Capacitor discharge time

<120ms per μF to discharge from 5000V to 50V 

Voltage output accuracy (0 °C to 30 °C) 

+4%, -0%, ±10 V of nominal test voltage at 1 GΩ load 

Current measurement range 

0.01 nA to 5mA 

Current measurement accuracy (23 °C)

±5% ±0.2 nA at all voltages

Memory capacity


Operating temperature

-20 °C to 50 °C

Storage temperature

-25 °C to 65 °C

Ingress protection (lid closed)



Meets the requirements of IEC61010-1 CATIV 600V


305mm x 194mm x 360mm



Accuracy from 1 MΩ to: MIT520/2 accuracy (23 °C, 5 kV)







±5% to



200GΩ 100GΩ 50GΩ

±20% to 


5TΩ 2TΩ 1TΩ 500GΩ



Megger offers a complete range of high voltage electrical test and measurement equipment for electric power applications. Megger equipment is used to test and maintain a wide variety of high voltage electrical apparatus including HV transformers, HV circuit breakers, HV batteries, HV cable, HV transformers, HV relays and HV meters, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the critical components that comprise the high voltage electrical cable and distribution system.


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Cable Tester - Megger MIT 520-2 Insulation Tester 5kV

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