London Underground SSR Upgrade Projects Gather Pace With AN Wallis Copper Earth Tape

By Chris Dodds on 10th July, 2012

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London Underground SSR Upgrade Projects Gather Pace With AN Wallis Copper Earth Tape


Earthing and Lightning Protection

AN Wallis Copper Earth Tapes 

London Underground SSR Upgrade Project


Thorne & Derrick are the leading UK distributors for the AN Wallis range of Copper Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.

T&D are supplying AN Wallis copper earthing tapes which are being installed to provide high voltage substation and transformer room protection as part of LU London Underground power upgrade projects. 

London Underground SSR Upgrade Projects

AN Wallis bare copper tape is used on both lightning protection and earthing applications. The earthing tape is annealed for ease of use and has radiused edges. All AN Wallis standard bare copper tapes are marked 'Wallis U.K.- BS EN 13601'.

T&D offer ex stock and overnight delivery at most competitive prices for bare copper earthing tapes with 25 x 3mm, 25 x 4mm, 40 x 4mm and 50 x 6mm standard stock sizes.

Pictured: AN Wallis Bare Copper Tape

AN Wallis Bare Copper Tape Earthing & Lightning Protection


High voltage substation earthing systems, 11kV-33kV-400kV, are designed and modelled to ensure potentials are controlled to appropriate limits:

i) Step Potential (the potential difference between two points on the surface of the soil which are 1m apart).

ii) Touch Potential (the potential difference during fault conditions between exposed metalwork and a point on the soil surface).

iii) Transfer Potential (the potential difference between an insulated cable connected to a remote earth reference and the earth rod).

London Underground Sub-Surface Railway (SSR) Upgrade

London Underground Sub-Surface Railway (SSR) Upgrade

The London Underground sub-surface railway (SSR) plans for improvement:

  • Running more trains
  • Speeding up journey times
  • Creating more capacity
  • Improving reliability
  • Increasing step-free access
  • Rebuilding key stations to increase capacity
  • Renewing track across the network
  • Making contactless payments available on the Underground

The Sub-surface railway upgrade is described as "one of the most challenging and complex pieces of work on the Underground". Read more about the updated plans for the London Underground here: Transport For London: Improving The Tube


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Copper Earth Tape Down Conductors & Lightning Protection To BSEN 62305



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AN Wallis Copper Earth Tapes

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