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AN Wallis Copper Earth Tapes

Bare Copper Earth Tape

Material: Copper Manufactured to BSEN13601 (BS1432)

AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection Distributors

Bare copper earth tape is used for both lightning and earthing protection - all AN Wallis copper earth Earth Tapestapes are annealed for ease of use with radiused edges.

These high conductivity bare copper tapes are used on both lightning protection and earthing applications.

Bare copper earth tape is a high conductivity conductor for earthing and lightning protection systems - the correct earth tape is determined by the application and expected fault current.

Specification of the correct earthing conductor (earth tape or cable) depends on whether the application is for above ground structural lightning protection or a below ground earth installation.

Copper earth tapes are to BS EN 13601 (formerly BS 1432). PVC covered copper earth tape is available in black, green, grey, stone, white, brown, green and green/yellow.

All bare copper earth tapes are to BSEN13601.

A complete range of fixings, clamps and rods are available for use with bare copper earth tapes.

Pictured : AN Wallis Bare Copper Earth Tapes - extensive range of widths and thicknesses to suit all earthing requirements.

AN Wallis Bare Copper Earth Tape

AN Wallis Bare Copper Earth Tape - Product Range
AN Wallis Part Number Earth Tape Dimensions Cross Sectional Area / Thickness Weight Per Metre Standard Copper Coil Size
TC 121 12.5mm x 1.5mm 18.75mm² 0.17kg 100m
TC 123 12.5mm x 3mm 37.50mm² 0.33kg 100m
TC 201 20mm x 1.5mm 30mm² 0.27kg 100m
TC 203 20mm x 3mm 60mm² 0.53kg 100m
TC 251 25mm x 1.5mm 37.5mm² 0.33kg 100m
TC 253 25mm x 3mm 75mm² 0.67kg 25m & 50m
TC 254 25mm x 4mm 100mm² 0.89kg 50m
TC 256 25mm x 6mm 150mm² 1.33kg 40m
TC 302 30mm x 2mm 60mm² 0.53kg 50m
TC 303 30mm x 3mm 90mm² 0.80kg 50m
TC 304 30mm x 4mm 120mm² 1.07kg 40m
TC 305 30mm x 5mm 150mm² 1.33kg 40m
TC 313 31mm x 3mm 93mm² 0.83kg 50m
TC 316 31mm x 6mm 186mm² 1.65kg 30m
TC 3154 31.5mm x 4mm 126mm² 1.13kg 40m
TC 383 38mm x 3mm 114mm² 1.01kg 50m
TC 385 38mm x 5mm 190mm² 1.69kg 30m
TC 386 38mm x 6mm 228mm² 2.02kg 25m
TC 403 40mm x 3mm 120mm² 1.06kg 40m
TC 404 40mm x 4mm 160mm² 1.42kg 30m
TC 405 40mm x 5mm 200mm² 1.78kg 25m
TC 4063 40mm x 6.3mm 252mm² 2.24kg 25m
TC 406 40mm x 6mm 240mm² 2.16kg 25m
TC 503 50mm x 3mm 150mm² 1.33kg 40m
TC 504 50mm x 4mm 200mm² 1.78kg 30m
TC 505 50mm x 5mm 250mm² 2.22kg 20m
TC 5063 50mm x 6.3mm 315mm² 2.68kg 20m
TC 506 50mm x 6mm 300mm² 2.68kg 20m
TC 508 50mm x 8mm 400mm² 3.60kg 15m


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