Copper Earth Tape For Substation Earthing AN Wallis Manufacturing Process

By Chris Dodds on 12th November, 2014

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Copper Earth Tape For Substation Earthing   AN Wallis Manufacturing Process

T&D, the largest UK distributor for AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems, visited their Nottingham factory last week to learn more about the manufacturing process for copper earth tapes.

Today, we present a selection of photographs taking during the factory tour.

The complete Flickr set can be viewed here : Copper Earth Tape For Substation Earthing & Lightning Protection – AN Wallis Manufacturing Process.

Pic 1 - Panoramic photograph of AN Wallis production facility where the copper tape is manufactured from raw material into finished product. AN Wallis extensive feed stocks enable fast turnaround of major earthing project requirements for the global electrical power and utility industry.  

Copper Tape

Pic 2 : The raw material is supplied in solid copper conductor form - note the circular form of the feed stock which must be processed via the manufacturing machinery into the flat tape copper. The Conform machine processes the copper into flat tape form.

Copper Tape

Pic 3 - The circular copper conductor is fed from coil into the Conform machine - the conductor is conformed from circular to flat configuration producing a range of flat copper tapes from 12.5mm to 50mm width. Computer software, such as CDEGS, can be used to calculate the power system earthing and grounding. Asset managers must calculate the level of site protection required depending on the cross section area of conductor required to provide effective earthing and lightning protection. Methods to improve high voltage substation earthing and grounding with supporting measurements of earth resistance and computational models to simulate the possible Ground Potential Rise (GPR) due to injected current surges are a key consideration in providing effective lightning and earthing protection. 

 Copper Tape

Pic 3 - The circular copper conductor entering the Conform machine - in the "On" mode the motors and pumps feed the copper conductor into the Conformer via the machine wheel. Adjustable settings enable the manufacture of an extensive range of widths and thicknesses of copper tape.  

Copper Tape

Pic 4 : From this angle the photograph shows the complete AN Wallis manufacturing process for copper earth tape. The finished copper earth tape has now been conformed to a flat tape design from the circular copper feed stock - this production run is manufacturing 50mm wide x 6mm thick copper earth tape, a UK utility standard for substation earthing. The copper earth tape is annealed and produced with radiused edges for safe site handling by installers. Wallis copper tapes are marked "Wallis U.K.- BS EN 13601". BS EN 13601 2013 is the current standard covering Copper, Copper Alloys, Copper Rod, Bar and Wire for electrical purposes.

Copper Tape

Pic 5 : AN Wallis manufacture aluminium earth tape also at their Nottingham factory.

Aluminium Earth Tape

Pic 6 : AN Wallis manufacture and hold the largest UK stocks of copper earth tapes.

T&D, the UK's largest supplier of AN Wallis products provide internationally competitive prices, delivery and technical support.

Copper Tape


Copper Earthing & Lightning Protection - National Grid 

On the 20th November 2013, T&D consolidated for despatch a £75K purchase order for Earthing & Lightning Protection Products all manufactured by AN Wallis  – the 26 pallet consignment including galvanised steel and copper earthing tapes, mats, rods, bars and clamps was supplied to several National Grid infrastructure projects including North London Reinforcement, London Power Tunnels & Nemo Link.



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