Silver Fox Fox Flo - LU London Underground Approved Zero Halogen Cable Markers & Labels

By Chris Dodds on 2nd October, 2012

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Silver Fox Fox Flo - LU London Underground Approved Zero Halogen Cable Markers & Labels

Silver Fox Cable Labels & Cable Marking Systems

Silver Fox Fox-Flo Zero Halogen Tie-on Cable Labels

LU London Underground Approved Cable Markers & Labels


London Underground zero halogen approved tie-on cable markers and cable labels are specified for excellent flexibility and strength for rail cable identification - approved by LU London Underground for zero halogen UV stable cable marking and labelling.

Silver Fox Fox-Flo Tie-on Cable Labels

Silver fox Fox Flo cable labels are made using a special Low Smoke Zero Halogen material which has the highest levels of durability. These LS0H cable labels are ideal for Rail/Metro applications.

Silver fox Fox Flo labels are both strong and flexible and can be attached using either standard nylon or stainless-steel cable ties. Authorised for use for London Underground Limited projects.

LU London Underground Approved Cable Markers & Labels

Silver Fox Fox Flo LS0H Tie-On Cable Labels Technical Data
Printing Method Silver Fox DTP-1 Thermal Printer
Thermal Ribbon Silver Fox TSR3 
Material Silver Fox Fox-Flo® Material 
Thickness 1mm 
RoHS (EU 2002/95/EC) RoHS Compliant 

Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer

Silver Fox Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Label Order Information
Product Code Label Dimensions Labels Per Roll Rolls Per Pack Labels Per Pack Colour Options
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ2-5010T* 50mm x 10mm 750 3 2250 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ2-5010T Colour Options
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ2-7010T* 70mm x 10mm 550 3 1650 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ2-7010T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-5015T* 50mm x 15mm 160 5 800 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-5015T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-5025T* 50mm x 25mm 160 3 480 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-5025T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-7015T* 70mm x 15mm 150 5 750 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-7015T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-7025T* 70mm x 25mm 150 3 450 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-7025T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-9015T* 90mm x 15mm 140 5 700 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-9015T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-9025T* 90mm x 25mm 140 3 420 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-9025T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-11015T* 110mm x 15mm 120 5 600 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-11015T Colours
Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-11025T* 110mm x 25mm 120 3 360 Silver Fox Fox-Flo LCLZ1-11025T Colours



T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TFL London Underground (LU).


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Silver Fox Fox-Flo Zero Halogen Tie-on Cable Labels - LU Approved

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