ABB LOVOS Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters

By Chris Dodds on 9th January, 2013

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ABB LOVOS Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters

ABB Low Medium & High Voltage Electrical Equipment

ABB LOVOS-5 & LOVOS-10 Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters


ABB low voltage surge arresters LOVOS-5 and LOVOS-10 are a new generation of LV surge arresters ensuring electrical protection of overhead lines, electric energy receivers, distributing transformers and low voltage electrical equipment. Specify and install ABB LOVOS type surge arresters to protect low voltage power equipment from the effects of lightning and switching overvoltages.

ABB LOVOS5 & LOVOS10 Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters

Applications for Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters

The ABB LOVOS range provides protection along LV overhead lines, cables, motors, switches, any equipment connected to the line, from the LV side of distribution transformers up to measuring instruments. The LOVOS surge arresters are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and for altitude up to 2000m over sea level. Also for use in ambient temperature in place of work or storage from -40°C to +70°C.

ABB LOVOS-5 & LOVOS-10 Low Voltage Surge Arrester Advantages

  • Easy assembly and connection
  • Disconnecting device simultaneously fulfilling the function of damage indicator
  • Large choice of accessories
  • Casing resistant to UV radiation, non-flammable
  • Maintenance-free product
  • All accessories are made of corrosion-resistant materials


ABB LOVOS-5 & LOVOS-10 Low Voltage Surge Arrester Specifications
Arrester Type Uc Up at In In / Imax Up at Imax Energy absorption capability

Up At Long Lasting Surge 2000μs

ABB LOVOS – 5/280 280V 1100V 5/25kA 1500V 1800J


ABB LOVOS – 5/440 440V 1800V 5/25kA 2500V 3000J


ABB LOVOS – 5/500 500V 2000V 5/25kA 2600V 3200J


ABB LOVOS – 5/660 660V 2500V 5/25kA 3200V 4000J


ABB LOVOS – 5/1000 1000V 4000V 5/25kA 5200V 6400J


ABB LOVOS – 10/280 280V 1100V 10/40kA 1700V 2200J


ABB LOVOS – 10/440 440V 1800V 10/40kA 2700V 3300J


ABB LOVOS – 10/500 500V 2000V 10/40kA 3200V 3900J


ABB LOVOS – 10/660 660V 2500V 10/40kA 3800V 4500J


ABB LOVOS – 10/1000 1000V 4000V 10/40kA 5800V 7800J



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ABB LOVOS Low Voltage LV Surge Arresters

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