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ABB LOVOS-5 and LOVOS-10 low voltage surge arresters ensure protection of low voltage overhead lines, distribution transformers and LV electrical equipment from effects of lightning and switching overvoltage. ABB LOVOS surge arresters are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

ABB LOVOS low voltage surge arresters are a new generation of low voltage surge arresters. Designed in close cooperation with clients from all around the whole world, taking into account all needs and requirements of the market. The LOVOS surge arresters have a frequency range from 48 to 62 Hz and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. The nominal discharge current is 5 kA or 10 kA and the continuous operating voltage, Uc=280 V, 440 V, 500 V or 660 V.
ABB LOVOS LV Low Voltage Surge Arresters

ABB LOVOS LV Low Voltage Surge Arrester Applications

LOVOS Low voltage surge arresters are used for the protection of:

  • Low voltage overhead lines
  • Individual electric energy receivers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Other electrical devices from effects of lightning and switching overvoltage


ABB LOVOS LV Low Voltage Surge Arrester Advantages

  • Easy assembly and connection
  • Disconnecting device simutaneously fulfilling the function of damage indicator
  • Large choice of accessories
  • Casing resistant to UV radiation, non-flammable
  • Maintenance-free product
  • All accessories are made of corrosion-resistant materials


ABB LOVOS Low Voltage Surge Arrester Technical Data

Arrester Type 


Uc (effective value)


Up at In


In / Imax


Up at Imax


Energy absorption capability


Up at long lasting surge 2000μs

ABB LOVOS-5/280 

280V 1100V


1500V 1800J 850V


440V 1800V 2500V 3000J 1300V


500V 2000V 2600V 3200J 1600V

ABB LOVOS-5/660​

660V 2500V 3200V 4000J 1800V

ABB LOVOS-5/1000

1000V 4000V 5200V 6400J 3200V

ABB LOVOS-10/280

280V 1100V 10/40V 1700V 2200J 900V

ABB LOVOS-10/440

440V 1800V 2700V 3300J 1400V

ABB LOVOS-10/500

500V 2000V 3200V 3900J 1700V

ABB LOVOS-10/660​

660V 2500V 3800V 4500J 1900V

ABB LOVOS-10/1000

1000V 4000V 5800V 7800J 3400V


Principle of Operation

The principal "active" element of the surge arrester is a metal oxide varistor characterised by high non-linearity. At a working voltage mainly a capacity current flows smaller than 1 mA. Any voltage increase causes a large increase of current flowing throught the varistor, leading in turn to immediate limitation of further voltage increase on surge arrester terminals.When the overvoltage disappears, the surge arrester immediately returns to its basic state.

Surge arresters are equipped with a disconnecting device, that disconnects the surge arrester from the network if it becomes damaged as the result of overvoltage of too high energy or inadmissable voltage increase in the system. If such a situation occurs then the bottom terminal of the disconnecting device is "rejected" by the spring inside. This terminal remains suspended on an insulation "Leash".

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