Fire Resistant Cable Joints

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Fire Proof Cable Joints - Power, Control, Instrumentation Cables

750 Degrees Celsius for 105 Minutes

Fire resistant cable circuits are only as strong as their weakest link – install SPS Fire Resistant Low Voltage Cable Joints for undiminished fire proof performance of power, instrumentation, control and emergency cable systems.

SPS Fire Resistant cable joints are used for jointing offshore power distribution cables where flame retardant and fire resistance is required in accordance with IEC 60331.

Fire resistant cable joints are suitable for XLPE, XLPO and EPR insulated cables with mica glass tape fire resistant layer and wire braid armour, 0.6/1kV and 2kV.

Pictured: Zero Halogen, Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Cable Jointing Kits (Multi Core)

Zero Halogen, Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Cable Jointing Kits (Multi Core)

SPS Fire Resistant cable joints are specified and in service throughout international tunnel projects (road and rail) providing reliable and continuous service to critical circuits (emergency and lighting) in fire conditions.

SPS cable joints utilise LSF zero halogen heat shrink tubes and fire barrier tubes - the joints incorporate mica tape over each of the cores.

Mica tape is a slit silica tape constructed from 96% pure silica fibre, coated one side with a pressure adhesive backing that facilitates installation.

Fire resistant cable joints ensure vital emergency circuit integrity in fire conditions - kit contents include:

  • Fire Protection Sleeve
  • Stainless Steel Clamping Spring
  • Inner and Outer Sealing Sleeve
  • Tinner Copper Earth Braid
  • Tinned Copper Earth Mesh
  • Insulation Tubes
  • Mica Pads
  • Crimp Ferrules

Fire resistant cable joints meet the general requirements of  IEC 60331 and VDE0472 for fire resistance and ASTM D-350 method B for flammability.

Copy of text extract from IEC 60331 Test Report for determining the circuit integrity of electric cables under fire conditions:

"When the cable joint was tested utilising the principles specified in IEC 60331-21 : 1999 at a temperature of at least 750 degrees celsius and a rated voltage of 1000 V-rms, the cable and joint assembly maintained its circuit integrity for the full 105 minute test duration.

Consequently, the cable joint satisfied the performance requirement in clause 7 of the IEC 60331 -  11/21. Copy of full Test Report on request."

Fire resistant cable joints for power, control and instrumentation cables are in service throughout the UKCS and global marine and offshore industry - high voltage fire resistant/proof shipwiring cable joints are available.

Adobe Fire Resistant Cable Joints for Power, Control and Instrumentation Cables to IEC60331

Adobe Instruction - Zero Halogen Fire Resistant Power Cable Joint

Adobe Instruction - Zero Halogen Fire Resistant Control & Instrumentation Joint