Introducing QWKconnect from Emtelle

By Chris Dodds on 26th October, 2016

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Introducing QWKconnect from Emtelle


Introducing QWKconnect from Emtelle

Introducing QWKconnect from Emtelle  - Connection made easy.

Emtelle QWK Range is the Answer to Worldwide Requirements 

In an ever-growing FTTH market world-wide, FTTx products are required in some countries that require no fibre splicing; they must provide a future pathway to each home for future upgrade and maintenance.

What is FTTH?

Fibrer to the home (FTTH) is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from the operator's switching equipment all the way to a home or business, effectively replacing existing copper infrastructure such as telephone and coaxial cables. FTTH is responsible for transporting large volumes of data and wireless to every corner of the city, every part of the world.

Emtelle Cable Duct

No product on the market effectively supports and connects FTTH quite like Emtelle QWKconnect.

Introducing QWKconnect from Emtelle

It's called QWK for a reason…

Emtelle QWK range isn’t called QWK for no reason - it really is quick (hence the abbreviation QWK).

Through methods pioneered by Emtelle, by using the products within the range, it takes only a few minutes to apply the connector body and plugging it into the customer, means that a FTTH customer can be connected with fibre in less than 10 minutes in a 500m route.

A QWK overview to the QWK Range

Within the QWK range, we also have QWKlink & QWKdrop.

Emtelle QWKlink range of fibre is supplied with an LC Ferrule which can be blown into microducts with a minimum inner diameter of 3.5mm.

The LC/APC Connector can be field assembled after installation. The opposite end (house connection) is terminated with an SC-APC pigtail.

Emtelle have also launched QWKdrop, in which QWKlink, the pre-connected fibre, can be installed into drop microducts.

These microducts can be universal, meaning that they can be installed underground (in ducts or direct burial), overhead, or even along walls, meaning that one drop duct can work with all scenarios, making product choice and stocking of the product very simple.

Emtelle QWKconnect Product Description

QWKlink products can also be pre-installed into the QWKdrop microducts at the manufacturing stage. This means that the pre-connectorised fibre is supplied within the single duct making it much easier to install the microduct into the customer property.

Any excess microduct is removed, spare fibre is coiled in the customer termination box and the fibre is plugged into the SC-APC adapter (this whole process requires no blowing or splicing). This Emtelle solution is called QWKconnect.

Introducing QWKconnect from Emtelle

QWKconnect can have the fibre connectorised at both ends, so the Microducts can be installed between the cabinet/POP/Splice Enclosure, and the homes with the QWKlink fibre already installed, thus eliminating blowing costs for the operator.

As the QWKconnect fibre bundle is only 1.1mm in diameter, any excess fibre can easily be coiled into the CCP at the home or in fibre management trays at the cabinet/POP/Splice Enclosure.

As an example - for an 80m run between a cabinet and a home, a 100m length of QWKconnect can be installed (with 20m of microduct spare, incase of any measurement inaccuracies) and once the microduct has been installed, any excess microduct can be ‘ring cut’ at the LC end of the QWKconnect fibre, and guided over the LC connector, then discarded, with the excess fibre stored.

Why Use Emtelle QWKconnect

  • A duct that can be installed underground (direct buried and ducted), along walls or even overhead
  • Fibre pre-installed can be connectorised at one end or both ends
  • SC and LC APC connector options available
  • No blowing or fibre splicing required for the customer drop
  • Extremely small storage area for excess fibre
  • Reduced skill set and training required for the install
  • Massively reduced capex for installation equipment
  • Cost (and space) effective compared to similar products in the market

Introducing QWKconnect from Emtelle

Emtelle QWKconnect Value Proposition

Emtelle QWKconnect, is a connectorised drop cable for FTTH that offers product and installation cost savings of over €160 per home and a reduction in installation equipment of €12,000 per 2 man team. QWKconnect also gives a futureproof, dedicated pathway to each home for many years to come.

No product on the market offers a solution like this with such savings for a directly buried or ducted FTTH drop solution in a time when quality needs to be high and installation needs to be simple and reliable. QWKconnect is ideal for all fibre operators in their next FTTH roll out.

Emtelle QWKconnect

Watch Emtelle's Business Development Manager, Colin Kirkpatrick, presenting the new product, QWKconnect to the market here

Cable Duct Protecting LV 11kV 33kV
Emtelle Cable Ducts Protect Power Cables 
Emtelle Ducts
T&D, Main UK Distributors for Emtelle, have completed the specification and supply of nearly 25,000 metres of Emtelle Class 1 Power Cable Duct to Fresdail wind farm - the wind farm will provide clean green renewable energy to the equivalent of 14,000 homes and provide £2.8 million in local community benefits.
With a total rated output of 22.55 megawatts (MW) of electricity all underground power cables are now safely protected by Emtelle cable duct.
T&D also supplied Medium Voltage Jointing, Connection & Cable Pulling Equipment to support the installation of 33kV power cables.
T&D and Emtelle were contracted to commit to the supply of a range of cable duct diameters over a 6 month period - all deliveries were scheduled into manufacturing by Emtelle and called-off for delivery to site. Both the wind farm developers and site contractors commended T&D and Emtelle on their supplier performance, meeting on-time delivery targets 100% and assisting towards a smooth completion of the works programme.
Emtelle Power Duct Systems are now specified and used by all major Distribution Network Operators including: UKPN, NPG Northern Power Grid, United Utilities, Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern Energy, Western Power, NIE & ESB Ireland - this includes the protection of both LV, MV and HV power cables in 11kV, 33kV and 132kV voltage classes.
HV Cable Ducts

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