Emtelle Fibre & Power Cable Ducts Helped To Construct London Olympic Stadium

By Chris Dodds on 8th February, 2016

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Emtelle Fibre & Power Cable Ducts Helped To Construct London Olympic Stadium

Emtelle are market leaders in the manufacture of telecommunication and power cable duct systems in PVC-U and PE for the protection of LV-HV underground power and telecom cables.

EDF Energy

Emtelle are very proud of their recent involvement in the London Olympic Stadium construction as the venue continues to be used for high profile environments after the success of the 2012 Games.

Prior to the Games, Emtelle were selected by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for London, EDF Energy due to their 20 years unrivalled experience in fibre and power cable ducts

Recognised as a symbol of succes thanks to a truimphant 2012 Olympics for Team GB the venue has became the new stadium for Premiership football club West Ham.

Pictured: London Olympic Stadium

London Olympic Stadium


Project Background

Before starting work on the London Olympic Stadium the site needed to be demolished to clear derelict buildings and chemically washed as the area had been used previously by acid manufacturers and lead mills. 

The building rubble was bull-dozed into high bunds which became the access roads and pedestrian walkways. The mechanical services were then laid in these bunds.

Emtelle ducts, ranging from FibreFlow cable ducts to PowerProtect+ HV 132kV and 33kV cable ducts were specified by various consulting engineers and EDF Energy.

Emtelle’s relationship with the consulting engineers was very strong allowing Emtelle to be involved and assisting at design stage all the way to follow up “On-Site Tool-Box Talks” with the installers. Commuication was crucial to ensure all project members were satisfied and that the the cable ducting installation was a success.

Emtelle Cable Duct - Approved By UK DNO's

Emtelle PowerProtect+ power cable ducts are designed to meet performance requirements for underground power cables for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). Cable duct is compliant with ENATS12-24.

Emtelle Cable Ducts

Emtelle Class 1 PVC Cable Duct
• Powerprotect+ Solid Wall PVC Duct
• ENATS12-24 Class 1

Class 1 PVC Cable Ducts
Emtelle Class 2 PVC Cable Duct
• Powerprotect+ Solid Wall PVC Duct
• ENATS12-24 Class 2
Class 2 PVC Cable Ducts

Emtelle Class 2 Twinwall Cable Duct
• Powerprotect+ Twinwall Cable Duct
• ENATS12-24 Class 2
Class 2 Twinwall Cable Ducts
Emtelle PE Duct Sticks
• Powerprotect+ Solid Wall PE Duct Sticks
• ENATS12-24
PE Duct Sticks

Emtelle PE Duct Coils
• Powerprotect+ Solid Wall PE Duct Coils
• ENATS12-24
PE Duct Coils

Emtelle Conductive Cable Duct
• Powerprotect+ Solid Wall PVC Duct (Conductive)
• Enables rapid fault detection
• ENATS12-24

Emtelle Conductive Duct
Emtelle Service Duct
• Powerprotect+ Solid Wall PE Service Duct
• ENATS12-24
Service Duct

Issues Emtelle Faced During Construction

The location of the site posed a few problems for Emtelle. The service bunds at the Olympic Park are criss-crossed with bridges, canals, rivers and road crossings.

Electrical cable ducts would normally be buried in an area where the temperature is stable and the cable ducts are unaffected by thermal movements due to the trench bedding, in this case they were now exposed on the bridge structures.

The location, combined with the fact they would be exposed to the elements, would mean the plastic cable ducts would contract 7 to 9 times as much per degree Celsius more than steel/concrete, with environmental temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius in the winter, to +35 degrees Celsius in the summer.

In addition, the electrical cables inside the cable ducts would heat up to 75 degrees Celsius during operating cycles, meaning a temperature range of 85 degrees Celsius to cope on the bridges.


Pictured: London Olympic Site Predevelopment

London Olympic Site Pre-development

Emtelle Cable Duct Solution

In order to overcome this issue during the London Olympic Stadium construction project, 160mm x 600mm long Rotek Expansion Couplings were manufactured from 180mm HDPE SDR 11 cable duct, internally machined to take Emtelle uPVC ducts, with “O” rings at each end. These would be anchored into the structure, allowing the 160mm cable duct to expand and contract as required.

The cable ducts on the bridges were then solvent welded together, providing control of the “rods” of ducts so that thermal movement is directed into the Rotek expansion couplings.

All of the bridge crossings on the Olympic site carrying electrical cables were installed in this way and will remain in place for years to come.

Pictured: Rotek Expansion Joints

Rotek Expansion Joints


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