Video : Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit - Blow 115 Metres Of FTTx Cable In A Minute

By Chris Dodds on 21st October, 2015

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Video : Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit - Blow 115 Metres Of FTTx Cable In A Minute

Emtelle's UK Sales Manager for Highways & Datacomms, Scott Modha introduces the new Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit in our Guest Blog.


The Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit is a small, lightweight unit, consisting of a machined aluminium body, with a compact wheel driven motor. It has an easy to read air pressure gauge, control panel and software controlled drive system.

It is supplied in a single carry case, small enough to be transported in a car - powered by a rechargeable battery pack, removing the need for a separate generator or AC power source, complete with an in-vehicle and mains powered charging pack.

Emtelle GS150 is used for all aspects of FTTX, capable of blowing fibre unit and micro cable sizes from 1.0 to 2.5mm into a micro duct of 5-8mm.

Tested by Emtelle at speeds of up to 115 metres a minute, the GS150 ensures a reliable and fast fibre blowing process, reducing time spent on site and increasing productivity.

Pictured: Emtelle's GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit

Emtelle's GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit

Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit - Kit Contents 

  • GS150 blowing unit
  • Batteries and charger
  • Hard shell carry case
  • Duct packs
  • Cable seal pack
  • Tripod – for mounting the Emtelle GS150 onto when blowing fibre
  • Allen key tool for changing of seals, and belts

When combined with the fantastic new range of compact, lightweight electric and petrol compressors that Emtelle have to offer, the GS150 is a fantastic way to reduce vehicle size and equipment load.

Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit - Features & Benefits

  • LCD screen, featuring speed, distance and machine distance counter
  • Software controlled drive system
  • User friendly controls
  • Easy to read air pressure gauge
  • Built in clamping system with interchangeable seals
  • Tripod for prolonged use
  • Standard quick release air connections


Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit - Technical Specification
Body Machined aluminium body
Motor Electronic compact motor for drive wheel (single roller drive)
Duct Range 5-8mm
Fibre Range 1.0-2.5mm
Speed >60m/min
Weight 2.27kg
Power 2 x rechargeable battery
Controls Foward & reverse, speed & torque
Push Force 20N
Air Pressure 15bar max


Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit - Product Range
Product Models 72662 72663EU
GS150 Blowing Unit Yes Yes
120V Version Yes No
240V Version No Yes
Duct Packs Yes Yes
Cables Seal Pack Yes Yes
12V Batteries (Plus Charger) Yes No
10.8V Batteries (Plus Charger) No Yes
Hard Shell Carry Case Yes Yes
Tripod Yes Yes
Options 12V DC Socket Adaptor
AC Converter Cord


Also available are FibreFlow accessories for use with the Emtelle GS150 Fibre Blowing Unit including a 7 bar petrol compressor and 10 bar electric compressor.


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Video: Emtelle GS150 Blowing Machine Operation



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Emtelle GS150 FibreFlow Fibre Blowing Unit - Spec Sheet

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