T&D Provide CATU Insulated Gloves To KESC Pakistan

By Chris Dodds on 10th January, 2013

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T&D Provide CATU Insulated Gloves To KESC Pakistan

CATU HV Insulating Rubber Gloves

CATU CG-4 Class 4 Insulating Rubber Latex Gloves


T&D have competitively tendered to KESC for the contract supply of CATU CG-4 Insulating gloves for high voltage overhead linesmen. At present, KESC is the only vertically-integrated power utility in Pakistan and manages the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

KESC Power Utility In Pakistan

KESC covers a vast area of 6,000 square kilometers and supplies electricity to all the industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential areas that fall under its network. KESC's modern distribution system begins as the primary circuit leaves the sub-station and ends at the secondary service, where it enters the customer's meter socket.

Pictured: CATU Class 4 HV Insulating Rubber Gloves

CATU CG-4 Class 4 Insulating Rubber Gloves

CATU CG-4 insulating rubber gloves are made from latex with excellent electrical protection and are widely used by electrical engineers, cable jointers and overhead linesmen. These class 4 insulated gloves conform to EN 60903 & IEC 60903 standards.


CATU CG-4 Class 4 Insulating Rubber Latex Gloves Specification
Part Ref Class Voltage Category Total Length Colour
CATU CG-4 4 ≤36,000V RC 410mm Bi:colour - red outside, natural inside


A variety of methods, materials, and equipment are used among the various utility companies. Karachi Electric's Distribution department is responsible for lighting up the 11th largest metropolitan area of the world. This makes it one of the largest electricity distribution networks in the world. KESC covers 2.2 million consumers via a network of high voltage power lines, substations and pole-mounted transformers.



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