Contractor Saves 100 Man Hours Using Prysmian FP200 Cable & Prysmian FP FIREFIX System

By Chris Dodds on 8th August, 2012

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Contractor Saves 100 Man Hours Using Prysmian FP200 Cable & Prysmian FP FIREFIX System

Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables

Prysmian FP200 Gold Fire Resistant Cable


Prysmian’s FP fire performance cables have been specified to power the fire alarm system at Savoy Court, a prestigious office complex in London.

Pictured: Savoy Court, London

Savoy Court London

Prysmian’s market leading FP200 Gold fire resistant cable has been supplied to fire systems specialist Ensure Fire Systems, which is currently installing it throughout all eight floors of the complex. To help with the installation, Ensure Fire Systems is also using Prysmian’s rapid FP FIREFIX system to cut installation time. Electrical work on the project started in May 2007 and is due for completion in the autumn.

Pictured: Prysmian FP200 Gold Fire Resistant Cable

Prysmian FP200 Gold Fire Resistant Cable

Prysmian FP200 Gold Fire Resistant Cable Features

  • Plain annealed copper. Solid (1.0 - 2.5 mm2) or stranded circular conductors (4.0 mm2) to meet the requirements of BS EN 60228 class 1 or class 2
  • High performance, damage resistant InsuditeTM to meet BS EN 50363-5, Type EI5
  • Robust thermoplastic low smoke, zero halogen and reduced flame propagation outer sheath
  • Temperature range -20°C to +70°C
  • Mechanical impact medium
  • Halogen free
  • Low smoke emissions

Managing Director of Ensure Fire Systems, Mark Henshaw who is overseeing the installation said: “Using the Prysmian FP FIREFIX system allows us to fit the cable clips into the concrete extremely quickly, as a result we have installed the Prysmian FP200 Gold throughout four floors saving over 100 man-hours already, compared to if we had used MICC cable.”

“I am always extremely pleased with Prysmian products and never specify anything else. Prysmian FP200 Gold is very tough which makes it simple to strip back the cable for termination.”

Pictured: Prysmian FP FIREFIX Single & Double Clips

Prysmian FP FIREFIX Single & Double Clips

Julie Mould, marketing manager for Prysmian said: “The Prysmian FP FIREFIX™ system is proven to save time, which results in real cost savings for contractors.”

Prysmian FP FIREFIX Clip Features & Benefits

  • LUL APR Product ID 1960
  • Nail fixed fire resistant clip
  • Prysmian Firefix system is fast easy and meets the cable support requirements of British standards: BS5839-1: 2002, BS5266-1:2011 and BS5839-8: 2006
  • Designed to be used with the Spit Pulsa gas nailing technology for rapid installation
  • Made from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel which is coated with an intumescent LSOH coating in either white or red to match the cable
  • Should be installed in accordance with BS7671 / IEE wiring regulations, or other appropriate code
  • Can be fixed to steel, block work, composite steel decking, brick or concrete
  • The fixing of the clip and installation of the cable takes just 10 seconds 

Prysmian Single FP Firefix Clip Installation

Prysmian Single Clip Firefix Installation

  1. Position the FIREFIXTM clip directly on to the nail guide (No adaptors required)
  2. Ensure the substrate is clear before pushing the Spit Pulsa tool against the substrate, and nailing the clip into position
  3. Place the cable into the clip
  4. Close clip

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Prysmian FP200 Gold Fire Resistant Cable

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