Mini Cable Spiker - Cartridge Powered Tool For Shorting Electric Cables (LV-HV)

By Chris Dodds on 30th June, 2017

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Mini Cable Spiker - Cartridge Powered Tool For Shorting Electric Cables (LV-HV)

The Mini Cable Spiker is a robustly designed cartridge powered tool for shorting electric cables (LV-HV) that is used in many industries throughout the world including electrical supply, railway, construction, military, government, and oil and gas. Used for the short-circuiting of low, medium and high voltage power cables.

The Mini Cable Spiker is suitable for standard, mini and heavy duty and are able to accomadate cables up to 110mm and can spike up to 75mm diameter cables, LV-HV.

The heavy duty cable spiker is a more powerful tool able to clamp cables up to 150mm in diameter. 

The tool allows versatility with different cartridge strengths and a variety of clamping arrangements so they can be used on a variety of different cables.

The cable spiker is portable with a blank catridge which ensures the tool can be used anywhere.

Mini Cable Spiker -  Cartridge Powered Tool For Shorting Electric Cables (LV-HV)

Mini Cable Spiker -  Features

  • Fires a steel spike into electric cables to short-circuit the power, ensuring they are safe to work on
  • The tool uses a seven metre long lanyard and release pin mechanism, which when operated separates from the tool at the moment of firing. This ensures total operator safety in the event of a live cable being spiked
  • A unique self-setting safety requires the operator to deliberately press the safety catch into the ‘fire’ position elminating the risk of the operator inadvertently firing the tool
  • The safest tool available
  • Remote operation ensures operator safety
  • High quality and durable cable spiker
  • Suitable for single and multicore polymeric cables
  • Uses low cost .25 powerloads
  • Easy to assemble and simple to operate
  • Provides years of reliable use
  • Suitable for cables up to 75mm diameter

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Mini Cable Spiker - Cartridge Powered Tool For Shorting Electric Cables (LV-HV)

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