Peeling & Stripping Tool for HV High Voltage Cables - Hivotec CP90 & CP130 Tools

By Chris Dodds on 16th July, 2015

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High Voltage Cable Jointing Applications

Hivotec Hivotec's CP90 & CP130 are high voltage cable stripping tools which are cost efficient tools for preparing cables in the field, before mounting HV cable joints and cable terminations.

Hivotec CP90 & CP130 cable jointing tools can be used for peeling the semicon and for stripping the main insulation from high voltage power cables.

Hivotec CP90 and CP130 may also be used in combination with Hivotec's optional driving unit, model CPD90-130. This method is efficient when relatively long ends for cable terminations have to be prepared.

Hivotec High Voltage Cable Tools - Main Benefits

  • One tool, two operations: peeling and insulation stripping
  • Equipped with guiding rollers, no greasing of cable surface needed
  • Very smooth insulation surface, no regrinding needed
  • Smooth transition between insulation and semicon, typically no rework is needed
  • Wide range of cable diameters
  • Easy ergonomic handling cable jointing tools
  • Handles slightly bent cables without problems
  • Driving unit attachable

Peeling of Bonded Semicon Screens from High Voltage Cables

The peeling depth can easily be adjusted with the fine adjustment screw.

As the Hivotec peeling knife is firmly fixed to one of the rollers running on the surface of the cable, the knife follows exactly the contour of the cable, even if it is not completely round.

The feed for the peeling process is built into the guiding rollers.

The special shape of the cable knife provides a very smooth surface on the insulation of high voltage cables. The transition between insulation and semicon has an angle of some 6-10 º. 

This provides a perfect fit for slip-on high voltage cable terminations and joints. As a general rule, rework with polishing sand paper or similar means is not needed by the high voltage cable jointer.


Peeling & Stripping Tool for HV Cables - Hivotec CP90 & CP130 Tools  Technical Data
Hivotec Part Number





Range of Cable Diameter (D) 40-90mm 80-130mm
Weight of Cable Tool 4kg 4.5kg
Maximum Peeling Depth 2mm 2mm
Minimum Length of Remaining Semicon (R) ~70mm ~70mm
Cutting Depth for Insulation (C) 3-35mm 3-35mm
Gross Weight 8kg 9kg
Dimensions of Outer Carton Box (WxLxH) 44 x 51 x 20cm 48 x 58 x 17cm



Pictured: Hivotec CP90 & CP130 Peeling & Stripping Tools

Dimensions Illustration

Hivotec CP90 & CP130 Peeling & Stripping Tools - Dimensions Illustration


Pictured : Hivotec CP130 Cable Jointing Tools

Hivotec CP130 Cable Jointing Tools

Stripping of Insulation from High Voltage Power Cables

The cutting depth C can easily be adjusted to the thickness of the insulation.

The insulation stripping knife arrangement is such that the thickness of the shaving is always constant. This allows to operate the cable jointers tool with constant force. The same knive is suitable for cutting a stepped insulation.


Chamfering of Insulation from High Voltage Power Cables

For chamfering the same knife is used as for peeling of the cable semicon. The chamfer angle will be about 20 degrees to the cable axis.


Hivotec Scope of Supply

  • 1 Toolbox
  • 1 Base tool with knives for peeling and stripping
  • 1 Instruction manual English
  • 1 Spare knife for peeling - FK-CP
  • 1 Spare knife for stripping insulation - IK-CP


Hivotec Options

  • 1 Set of 3 spare knives for peeling - FK-CP
  • 1 Set of 3 spare knives for stripping - IK-CP
  • 1 Driving Unit - CPD90-130



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Peeling & Stripping Tool for HV Cables - Hivotec CP90 & CP130 Tools

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