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Acvoke Spiking Tool Cartridges

Spiking Tool CartridgesT&D UK distribute the complete range of Acvoke cartridges for use with Accles & Shelvoke cable spiking tools:

  • Acvoke Red Cartridge (Heavy Charge) - for use with older typers of steel wire armoured cables over 3⅜" outside diameter, in the standard cable spiker or up to 6" in the heavy duty cable spiker
  • Acvoke Green Cartridge (Medium Charge) - for use with lead covered and all armoured cables up to 3⅜" outside diameter
  • Acvoke Silver Cartridge (Light Charge) - for aluminium sheath cables up to 300mm² and the modern small diameter plastic covered cables
  • Acvoke Yellow Cartridge (Extra Light Charge) - for small polymeric type cables with no outer metallised sheath.

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Cable Spiking Tool

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