Portable Partial Discharge Diagnostics - Baur PD-TaD 60 Portable PD Diagnostics System

By Chris Dodds on 20th August, 2012

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Portable Partial Discharge Diagnostics - Baur PD-TaD 60 Portable PD Diagnostics System

Baur PD Partial Discharge Portable System

PD-TaD 60 Baur Portable PD Diagnostics System


The Baur PD-TaD 60 portable diagnostics system is used in a combination with the Baur VLF generator to carry out the following:

  • Partial discharge measurement and location
  • Parallel partial discharge and dissipation factor measurement
  • Full MWT
  • VLF cable testing with parallel partial discharge measurement 

Baur PD-TaD 60 Portable PD Diagnostics System


Baur PD-TaD 60 diagnostic system is a one-step 360° cable analysis with early detection and localisation of weak points through a PD measurement, in addition to the evaluation of dielectric ageing based on the dissipation factor values. 

The PD partial discharge portable system saves time and leads to increased efficiency. The PDTad60 is ideal for mobile use in the field and the robust cases makes the device and accessories easy for transport. 

Baur PD Diagnostic System.

Baur PD Partial Discharge System Features:

  • Partial discharge measurement and calibration of the measurement setup according to IEC 60270
  • Detection of PD level, PD inception and extinction voltage as well as PD frequency
  • Exact location of PD activities in cable insulation, joints and terminations
  • Excellent noise suppression due to: Compactstructure, Galvanic isolation between PD measuring unit and laptop, Central power supply
  • Integrated device for detecting leakage currents for dissipation factor measurement
  • Easy, menu-driven operation 

BAUR cable testing and cable measurement technology prevents damage to high voltage cable networks and systems – BAUR high voltage electrical test equipment allows for accurate planning of investments for maintenance and locates cable faults as precisely and quickly as possible. BAUR cable fault location. BAUR cable testing and cable diagnostics. BAUR insulating oil testing.


Baur PD-TaD 60 Portable PD Diagnostics System Technical Data
HV Coupling Input Voltage

42.5 kVrms / 60 kVpeak 

Capacitance Of Coupling Capacitor

8 nF

PD measurement unit

Power supply and data transmission 

Via Power Box (Power over Ethernet)

Signal amplification

0 – 75 dB

Degree of protection

IP 54

Dimensions (W x H x D)

410mm x 497mm x 320mm 


Approx. 17.5kg 


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Baur PD Partial Discharge Portable System

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