Baur Frida VLF Tester

By on 17th June, 2014

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Baur Frida VLF Tester

BAUR Frida - Very Low Frequency (VLF) Tester.

70 to 80% of cable lines are in a voltage range of up to 20 kV. All these high voltage cables can be tested with BAUR Frida VLF Tester easily and quickly. Additionally, examination of the aging condition without damage to cable. The intuitive BAUR user interface, the integrated tan delta measurement, compact dimensions and low weight make BAUR Frida VLF Tester the ideal companion for high voltage cable network maintenance personnel and service providers.

BAUR cable testing and cable measurement technology prevents damage to high voltage cable networks and systems – BAUR high voltage electrical test equipment allows for accurate planning of investments for maintenance and locates cable faults as precisely and quickly as possible. BAUR cable fault location. BAUR cable testing and cable diagnostics. BAUR insulating oil testing.

 BAUR Frida VLF Tester Features:

  • Testing electrical equipment and cables up to 15 kV rated voltage
  • Max. cable test voltage 24 kVrms
  • Cable testing according to: VDE DIN 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621), IEEE P 400.2-2004, IEEE 400-2001
  • VLF Truesinus® test technology enables exact, load-independent sinusoidal generated high voltage
  • Cable sheath testing according to IEC 60502/IEC 60229Baur Frida VLF Tester
  • Insulation tests on electrical equipment according to IEEE 433
  • Diagnosis of electrical equipment and cables up to 20 kV rated voltage (at 2*Uo)
  • Highly precise tan delta measurement with an accuracy of 1 x 10-4
  • Automated, individually programmable test sequences
  • Intuitive operation through BAUR user interface
  • Data transfer via USB interface
  • Management of test and measurement data with PC software
  • Expandable to the partial discharge diagnosis system in combination with BAUR PD Portable instrument


Video:Baur Frida Monitored Withstand Test (MWT) from Baur via Youtube.


High Voltage Cable Testing - BAUR Frida VLF Testers

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